Mapping, Analysing and Reporting Barriers to Transnational Trade in Healthcare

14 June 2018 - Published by Hans Ryckebusch
This report provides a detailed analysis of the drivers, barriers and support for the internationalisation of healthcare SMEs in Belgium, Scotland and the Netherlands. It uses a mixed methods approach combining secondary sources including project outcomes from EU funded projects, reports from commercial organisations and publications from business support organisations working in these three countries.

The primary data collection provides a vital insight into what is actually happening amongst SMEs in the healthcare sector and the organisations that support them. A wide range of motivators for internationalisation and an even wider range of barriers that restrain SMEs from pursuing an internationalisation strategy are identified.

External influences and future challenges provide a summary and overview of the key issues that SMEs need to consider, and that will be useful knowledge for the organisations providing business support for internationalisation in their strategic approach in the future.

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Frances Hines
NHS Highlands