New business models in the healthcare economy

Demographic changes lead to new challenges in providing high quality health care. Cross sector co-creation, in which health organisations and private companies join forces in search of innovative solutions, allows to introduce future-proof solutions more quickly and offers new opportunities to the profit sector.

To enhance the acceptance of co-creation in the healthcare economy, the POM West-Flanders organised a symposium on 21 september 2016 on new business models with profit and social profit.

This event addressed both management of care organisations and companies in the healthcare economy. This symposium also targeted researchers that are acquainted with this topic.

In his presentation, Professor Johan Bruneel (KULAK) demonstrated how new ways of collaborating between social profit and for-profit could lead to a win-win situation for the stakeholders involved.


In addition, dr. Hanneke Molema (TNO) elaborated on the way care organisations can stimulate innovation from within their own expertise and knowledge.

The presentations, pictures and a video with audio comments (in Dutch) is now available.

For more information:
Dominique Bogaert
Project Co-ordinator SHINE