Intellectual Property for Care Organisations

Healthcare organisations have a very good understanding of the needs of their client. By looking for solutions and by putting ideas into practice, these care organisations are creating valuable knowledge and expertise and thus their own intellectual property.

To raise awareness about the importance of this intellectual property among care organisations, on 27 April 2017, the POM West-Flanders organised an information session on 'the protection of intellectual property'.


This session allowed healthcare institutions to understand and find ways to protect the value of this intellectual property. This protection can be very useful when setting up a partnership with an external partner providing consultancy, the final design, production or distribution of the care-related solution.

Topics were presented by Pieter Callens, an expert in this matter.

Pictures and presentations of this session are now available (in Dutch).


For more information:
Dominique Bogaert
Project Co-ordinator SHINE