Symposium to EU representatives in Brussels

27 April 2020 - Published by Hans Ryckebusch
In collaboration with the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency, on the 28th of May 2019 we organised an international symposium to both regional and national policy makers and permanent EU representatives from various EU member states.

During the session on 28 May, we informed policymakers and European organizations about the SHINE e-tool and the added value of setting up a smart specialization strategy in the region. We also shared our findings gathered during the SHINE project.

  • First, Prof Dr. Dipak Kalra (London) from the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data underlined the need for innovative business models in Healthcare.
  • Subsequently, Lieve Apers from Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship stressed the importance of developing a cross-sector ecosystem where every region can make use of its spearhead sectors, preferably defined via a smart specialization strategy. Furthermore,
  • Inge Taillieu and Johan Moyersoen explained how the methodology of the e-tool can lead to shared value by setting up integrated business models.

All attendees received the paper “The quest to incorporate end user value and societal health impact in scalable revenue models” which explains the operation of the e-tool and contains some key recommendations for regions to support and accelerate value based business models in health and, ultimately, to create a smart specialisation strategy on this basis.

We were happy to share these insights with 40 participants from 6 different countries and representatives from 6 different EU organisations.

More information on how to guide companies, healthcare organisations and other stakeholders involved in the ecosystem of the healthcare economy to create shared value by improving collaboration and setting up integrated business models can be found on this online tool.