The changing demography in the NSR pose social and economic challenges within its communities. The challenges in healthcare require innovative and sustainable solutions. Driven by transnational and cross-sector co-operation in the health care economy, new economic activities can be developed that create international opportunities for SMEs and disseminates the most innovative healthcare solutions across the NSR.

The project wants to implement integrated business models for the healthcare economy based on the regions’ smart specialisation strategy. To support their setup, a methodology to build complex partnerships, inspired by the quadruple helix model, will be developed.

Through a network of smart specialists,best practices can be internationally adopted, resulting in regional economic valorisation. A detailed roadmap for transnational valorisation of best practices is part of the project scope and will be used to scale up best practices.

The project also aims to create spin-off in the regional healthcare institutions. A practical manual for spin-off based on shared value creation in the healthcare economy will be written. The regions will use this guidance to create spin-offs.

To sustain the exchange of knowhow, innovation and best practices, the project encompasses the setup of transnational partnerships in the healthcare economy. As a network of regions with a smart specialisation, these partnerships will lead to innovation and economic growth.