SHARE-North Webinar on "Integrating (Shared) Mobility into Housing Developments"

14 December 2018 - Published by Rebecca Karbaumer
The goal of many cities today: greater liveability and resource efficiency, sustainability and urban revitalisation. However, due to traditional parking requirements, the focus is still very much on providing space for automobiles rather than allocating a fair amount of space (and budget) to living spaces. In today’s webinar, we covered some approaches for how the integration of mobility management and shared mobility into housing developments and parking regulations can be used to address these issues. You can download the presentations or the recording of the webinar here.

For cities who seek to promote sustainable transport and combat limited urban space, or investors and housing developers looking to create a business case around mobility in housing, the SHARE-North webinar on “Integrating (Shared) Mobility into Housing Developments” provided some food for thought for taking a different view of parking regulations in development areas.

Minze Walvius from Advier, a Dutch consultancy for municipalities and developers, provided examples of how Dutch cities are rethinking parking and integrating mobility management into their developments in his presentation "Mobility in Housing Developments". He also addressed opportunities for creating business cases through avoiding extra car parking in developments and generating innovative ways of managing available parking spaces and mobility services.

Rebecca Karbaumer from the City of Bremen (DE) demonstrated how Bremen has created the possibility for investors to invest in alternatives to building parking spaces by adapting its parking codes for housing and office developments in her presentation on "Mobility Management Instead of Parking Spaces: New Alternatives for Parking Requirements".

You can download the presentations here.

Or watch the recording of the webinar here.