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From Green Deal to Shared Mobility in Real Estate Developments: Getting to Know Advier

20 June 2019

SHARE-North intern Brianna Mawra recently sat down with Advier’s Elke Kroft and Minze Walvius at their office in Delft to discuss the company’s role within the SHARE-North project and their work with …

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Taking the Concept Beyond the North Sea Region – Mobihub Academy Held for Members of the Nordic Smart Cities Alliance

10 May 2019

On May 8-9, 2019, the second Mobihub Academy of the SHARE-North project was hosted by the City of Bergen. This time, the participants included members of the Nordic Smart Cities Alliance – including r…

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Mobility Coaching for Companies in SHARE-North's “Together Smarter to Work” Project

30 April 2019

We get stuck in a traffic jam en masse. Yes, also in the region of South West Flanders. An important asset, our easy accessibility, is gradually becoming something from a not so distant past. In addit…

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Carpool Addict Event in Brussels

20 February 2019

On February 14th, 2019, Taxistop hosted the Annual Carpool Addict Event, which was aimed at rewarding employers for their continuous effort to promote ride sharing within their organisation. While the…

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SHARE-North teams up with H2020 project on seminar on the impact of different car-sharing varieties

31 January 2019

On January 24th, the Horizon 2020 project STARS hosted a car-sharing expert seminar in Bremen, Germany. The seminar focussed on the results of research about the impact of different car-sharing variet…

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SHARE-North Webinar on "Integrating (Shared) Mobility into Housing Developments"

14 December 2018

The goal of many cities today: greater liveability and resource efficiency, sustainability and urban revitalisation. However, due to traditional parking requirements, the focus is still very much on p…

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Catch up on SHARE-North's Webinar on "Promoting Social Inclusion through Shared Mobility"

16 November 2018

Did you miss today's webinar on innovative shared mobility solutions that support social inclusion for less-mobile individuals? Would you like to follow-up on what you learned? Download the presentati…

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Let’s Get Serious: First SHARE-North Mobipunt Planning Academy held in Bergen, Norway

31 October 2018

Just a year after the launch of the mobipunt concept by SHARE-North partners in Flanders and following the recent launch of the concept in the Netherlands, interested parties in these regions are gett…

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SHARE-North project launches mobipunt websites in Belgium and the Netherlands

28 September 2018

In commemoration of the one year anniversary of the successful launch of the mobipunt concept in Flanders and the Netherlands, a new website has been launched to be the go-to resource for municipaliti…

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Did you miss the SHARE-North Webinar on "Public Space – What is it worth and how can car-sharing help cities reclaim it"? Catch up here!

31 August 2018

Did you miss today's webinar? Would you like to follow-up on what you learned or (re-)watch the recording of the webinar? Download the webinar documents here!

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