Shared Mobility Rocks 2020

Venue: La Chaufferie, Rue des Pères Blancs 6, 1040 Brussels
Save-the-Date! And Call for Performers now open!

Shared Mobility Rocks is the annual international symposium for shared mobility. The 3rd edition will take place on December 8, 2020 in Brussels. The organisers are the SHARE-North partners, Taxistop vzw and Taxistop asbl. Together, they are organising Shared Mobility Rocks to further realise the mission: to broaden the social, ecological and economic impact of shared mobility. The organisations strive for a future in which shared mobility leads to more sustainable travel, less car ownership and more accessibility.

During this third edition we will emphasize the relationship between shared mobility on the one hand and public transport and cycling on the other hand. We show that shared mobility leads to a modal shift towards more sustainable transport. Even more: shared mobility is the shortest route to the top of the transportation pyramid.

This year we will focus on the connection between the various forms of transport: both digital and physical. In this way we also literally end up with ‘building blocks’: in 2020 we will pay extra attention to mobility points and the integration of shared mobility in urban planning and architecture.

The target group of Shared Mobility Rocks 2020 is not only policy makers and mobility planners, but also urban planners and architects. In 2020 we will also extend the target group to students and citizens who show interest in the themes.