SHARE-North Webinar: Integrating Shared Mobility into Housing Developments

Event duration: 1 hour
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Many cities are placing an increased focus on infill development rather than the development of new land on the outskirts of the city. The goal: greater resource efficiency, sustainability and urban revitalisation. Due to traditional parking requirements, however, this strategy poses to be a challenge for investors seeking to develop properties that are limited in space (such as gaps between buildings) or in neighbourhoods where demand for private parking is low. See how the integration of mobility management and shared mobility into urban parking regulations can be used to address these challenges at the upcoming webinar on December 14th!

This concept plays an important role in encouraging a shift to sustainable modes of transport and inciting behavioural change. For cities who seek to promote sustainable transport and combat limited urban space, this is an opportunity to rethink parking that should not be missed.

The City of Bremen will give insights on how municipalities and give investors alternative to building parking spaces by adapting their parking codes for housing and office developments in a presentation on "Mobility Management Instead of Parking Spaces: New Alternatives for Parking Requirements"

Advier, a Dutch business and consultancy for municipalities and developers, will provide examples of how Dutch cities are integrating shared mobility and mobility management into their developments and how business cases can be created by an innovative way of managing available parkings spaces and mobility services.


You can register for this free, lunchtime webinar here.