• The Operational Pilot Brochure presents the innovative nature, context and ambitions of the SEEV4-City Operational Pilots. Find it here!


  • On the 24th of April, SEEV4-City sent their second SEEV4-City newsletter: a short update about the Loughborough Living Lab. Read about our only Vehicle to Home-pilot here!


  • Read the State-of-the-Art summary report to get a quick overview on the state of the art of smart charging, V2G, electro mobility, renewable energy sources, ...


  • In 2017, we've sent you our first newsletter, now in 2018 we present our first newsflash about current V2G projects in Europe! Read about the 18 different European projects here!


  • The Vulkan project of our partner the city of Oslo was cited as an example of smart charging hubs in the annual rapport of the World Economic Forum 2018.


  • On the 21st of December, SEEV4-City sent their first newsletter discussing our Operational Pilot in the city of Amsterdam to 580 Interested contacts. Read it here yourself!


  • Sebastien Lefebvre from the Belgian pilot in Kortrijk explains in "Het Nieuwsblad" that the city is aiming to be energy neutral in 15 years and how SEEV4-City is supporting them in this.


  • On September 11th and 12th, the SEEV4-City partners had a follow-up project meeting. The partners were guided in the Kortrijk pilot and afterwards, the progress of each work package was presented and discussed.



  • On May 12th, SEEV4-City was launched successfully during the second V2G Conference in Amsterdam. The presentations from those speakers who have authorised distribution of their slides are available to download from the conference website - see the Speakers and Presentations section. A nice write-up of the launch event can be found on the Interreg North Sea Region blog.


(photo credit: Sarah Holsen)


  • The SEEV4-City partners had a fruitful project meeting, kindly hosted by CENEX, on March 8th-9th in Loughborough (UK). Synergies between work packages have been optimised, leading up to the launch event in Amsterdam on May 12th.



  •  Fortum Charge & Drive is building an innovative EV charging facility at the Vulkan parking garage in central Oslo. Charge & Drive is installing a battery reserve that will balance power loads in order to avoid putting strain on the power grid during times of high usage. There will be over 100 charging stations available for customers.

    The solution makes it possible for parking garages and residential parking facilities, among others, to set up large EV charging facilities without having to make expensive and time-consuming upgrades to the power grid. The batteries mitigate the need for supplemental power from the grid during periods of high usage, such as when many EVs charge at the same time.

    The new charging facility is being built in cooperation with property owner Aspelin Ramm Eiendom AS and the city of Oslo, partner in the SEEV4-City project. The facility will help Oslo reach its ambitious climate goals, which include cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2020 and 95% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels.

    “This charging facility will boost the use of electric cars for taxis, goods distribution, and service companies,” says Sture Portvik, responsible for electric cars at the Municipality of Oslo.



  • SEEV4-City project partner Amsterdam ArenA launched on 30th November 2016 their Storage Project together with partners Nissan, EATON and The Mobility House, and is looking forward to further develop the functionality and possible services of this battery storage as part of the SEEV4-City Program.