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  • Join SEEV4-City experts from KU Leuven, Applied University of Amsterdam and the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht at the IDOLAAD eventE-mobility | getting smart with data” in Amsterdam on 18 June! Full program and information on this link!


  • The 27th of November 2018, SEEV4-City hosted their second mid-term event during the IEEESG4SC in Genk, Belgium, by organising a debate during the Tech Session 4B named: "The Future of V2G and Smart Charging". More information here.


  • On the 17th of October 2018, SEEV4-City hosted his first mid-term event titled: "Electromobility in practice-solutions, experiences & lessons learnt". With the focus on policy and cities, SEEV4-City worked together with Interreg's CleanMobilEnergy project. The full workshop offered a unique overview on the most innovative EV infrastructure, smart grid management, and vehicle to grid technology, illustrated new energy services business models for efficient energy demand management and grid connection and promoted reflection among local authorities and the private sector on their role and responsibility as energy management policy evolves and integrates into sustainable mobility plans.


  • On the 5th of June, SEEV4-City will organise a session about Europe’s Urban Energy-Mobility Transition, titled “Demonstration, upscaling & uptake in city-planning, how to achieve adequate policy measures and large-scale implementation.” together with three other European projects CleanMobilEnergy, SIMPLA & EV ENERGY.
    During this event activities developed by and with European cities and regions that are frontrunners applying innovative renewable energy solutions combined with EV charging infrastructure will be presented. The four European projects are working on these topics from different angles, in different stages and provide ingredients to get these sustainable solutions replicated in large scale. The target is city level and beyond. These project initiatives jointly aim to boost progress.
    Look for the programme here.
  • The 25th of April, project manager Hugo Niesing presented at TEN-T Days 2018 in Lublijana, Slovenia, talking about "Clean Mobility projects in Amsterdam".
  • The 12th of April, our Norwegian partner Sture Portvik gave a presentation at the EV Trend Korea 2018 titled: "The Future is Electric–Experiences from the World’s first mass market for electric vehicles, Oslo" in Seoul, South-Korea.
  • Prof. Ghanim Putrus (Northumbria University) gave his keynote talk "Sustainable Green Energy Autonomy in a Smart Grid" at the 15th IEE International Multi-Conference on Systems, Signals & Devices 2018 (SSD2018) in Hammamet, Tunisia on the 19th of March 2018.
  • "Exploiting the synergies between electric vehicles and solar power for a cost-effective integration", the subject of the CEE Power Event (16 January 2018, DTU Denmark) where you can meet Prof. Ghanim Alesha Putrus (Northumbria University), to discuss the challenges and opportunities of EV's in support of the smart grid.
  • The 2017 Polis Conference from the 6th till the 7th December in Brussels was attended by our Oslo and Amsterdam partners.
  • During Flexcon 2017 (20 – 21 November), project manager Hugo Niesing represented SEEV4-City with his talk “Towards a renewable, independent, flexible neighbourhood in Amsterdam”. But also Daan Six (KULeuven) gave a talk about “The role of system operators in a distributed energy Landscape” at Flexcon.

  • Bram Rotthier (KU Leuven) presented his paper "Is the speed pedelec the light electric vehicle that will achieve a modal shift?" on the World Light Electric Vehicle Summit (22 to 23 November, Rotterdam).


  • The SEEV4-City project was represented by Prof. Ghanim Putrus (Northumbria University), at the IEEE Applied Electrical Engineering and Computing Technologies (AEECT) Conference from the 11th till the 13th October. For his keynote speech “Towards Sustainable Clean Energy and Transport”, Ghanim received together with other keynote speakers an honorary certificate from Professor Turki Al-Suleiman, the president of Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan.



  • Several SEEV4-City pilots were presented during the EVS30 conference, that took place in Stuttgart from 9 to 11 October 2017.



  • Bram Rotthier (KU Leuven) is co-presenter on a lecture series of Volta in all Flemish provinces, on the topics of electric vehicle charging, related challenges and the SEEV4-City project. The presentations are planned on:
    • 27nd September in Geel
    • 29nd September in Brussels
    • 12th October in Hasselt
    • 18nd October in Sint-Denijs-Westrem
    • 25th October in Kortrijk
    • 8th November in Boom
    • 22nd November in Kortrijk
    • 6th December in Sint-Denijs-Westrem



  • During the UPEC2017 on the 28th till the 31th of August 2017, Prof. Ghanim Putrus of Northumbria University, presented his paper "Smart EV Charging Profiles to Extend Battery Life".

  • On Thursday 22nd June 2017, project manager Hugo Niesing presented SEEV4-City at the Energy systems for smart mobility conference (EUSEW2017), Brussels. The conference encouraged discussion on questions such as: which specific solutions have to be designed today to anticipate the future developments of decarbonised transport? What kind of concrete projects are currently set in the field of clean energies for transport? 


  • Prof. Ghanim Putrus of Northumbria University, project partner of SEEV4-City, gave a talk during the 7th International Conference on Modern Power Systems on his vision on future power networks. The conference was held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, from 6th to 9th of June 2017, throwing a bridge between recent advances of research on modern power systems.



  • The SEEV4-City launch event took place on May 12th during the 2nd Vehicle 2 Grid Conference in Amsterdam (May 11-12th). More information at the conference website!


  • Spreading the news about the SEEV4-City project at the at the 10th Universities High Voltage Network Colloquium (Glasgow Caledonian University, 18 - 19 January 2017), Prof. Ghanim Putrus of Northumbria University gave a key note talk entitled "Will the lights stay on?"


  • Cenex presented the latest developments in V2G and implications for future smart, integrated urban energy systems during the Vehicle To Grid (V2G) Workshop organised by LEVEL on 14 December 2016 in Derby, UK. LEVEL (Low Emission Vehicle Enterprise & Learning)  delivers skills training, business networking and knowledge transfer in emerging low carbon transport technologies is a joint initiative of Derby City Council, Nottingham City Council, Cenex and CleanTech Business Ltd.



  • On 26 – 27th October 2016, Hugo Niesing (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) attended the International Energy Agency's Expert Workshop on V2X User perception, Business Models and Regulatory Framework. The SEEV4-City project was introduced during his talk on the 27th, dealing with practical V2G experiences in Amsterdam and evolving European initiatives & networks, where electric vehicles and city renewables really co-operate, enforcing each-other & future clean cities.


  • September 27 – 29th 2016, Prof. Ghanim Putrus of Northumbria University went to an international conference entitled “E-mobility: Challenges for Technology and Urban Infrastructure Development” held in Hamburg between HafenCity University (HCU), Hamburg University, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences,  which was sponsored also by the relevant German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and the Model Regions Elektromobility Federal research & demonstration program, as well city and trusts bodies in Hamburg responsible for or interested in this field.

    The conference was part of a HafenCity University project called Sino-German Electromobility Research (SINGER), reaching across to China as well as to the German Rhein-Ruhr and Bremen-Oldenburg regions.

    Prof. Putrus’s invited presentation was on Wednesday 28th, within conference module 4a: Workshop Technology (part 1), and was entitled “General requirements and challenges for battery management in EV”.


  • Richard Kotter from Northumbria University attended the “Switched on Scotland: Roadmap Refresh Workshop” on the 23rd of September 2016 organised by E-cosse, which is a public-private sector partner initiative on e-mobility in Scotland. The E-cosse partners are Transport Scotland (on behalf of the Scottish government), Urban Foresight (a consulting company with track record, including at IEA and EU level) and the Energy Savings Trust (UK-wide, work a lot with UK government). The workshop was one of “two workshops that brought together over 60 participants from across the public and private sector” and resulted in publication of the "National Framework Of Local Incentives For Electric Vehicles".

    Richard Kotter made key people aware of the SEEV4-City project, and E-cosse asked to be updated as the project goes along.