We talked Smart City and Open Data at Internet Week Denmark

12 June 2018 - Published by SCORE comms
At the recent Internet Week Denmark held in Aarhus, Denmark, Martin Brynskov of Aarhus University sat down for a conversation with Henrik Føhns, host of the podcast Techtopia, produced by the Danish Society of Engineers, IDA.

All countries want a Smart City

On a global scale, the world's cities are competing to be the smartest Smart City. Although Cairo, Copenhagen and Shanghai don't seem to have much in common judging from their exteriors, they share a lot of the same challenges in the attempt to become 'smart'.

In the podcast below (Danish) you can hear Henrik Føhns interviewing SCORE's Martin Brynskov (Aarhus University) at the Internet Week Denmark on these issues and much more on his weekly podcast Techtopia.