SCORE Partner Meeting in Gothenburg

02 May 2022 - Published by SCORE comms
After several hybrid partner meetings, the ninth and last edition of the partner meeting took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. Most of the partners made it to the beautiful medieval, maritime city, attending physically on March 29th to 31st 2022 – the last partner meeting before the final conference in June.

By Rina Vijayasundaram, Aarhus University, and Juliette Tenart, Bax & Company

The SCORE project has taken another step closer to its end date (August 2022). Amidst Gothenburg’s famous rocky seaside and cliffs, the physical partner meeting gave the partners the perfect opportunity to discuss how the project should end – how to form its legacy and how the final conference should take place – as well as catch up on the various project activities and cases so that the cities can get the most out of the remaining time. Read more about the main takeaways from the partner meeting at Johanneberg Science Park below:

SCORE solution working tables

The partner meeting presented the last opportunity for the partners to hear about one another’s solution development progress and to see if there’s an opportunity to get involved or replicate the solution. The solution working tables provide an environment where it’s easy to get feedback and share experiences, and possibly decrease development time and cost. In total there was eight solution working tables spread across three hours – all crucial for the improvement and delivery of the solutions.

undefinedThe legacy 

Once again, focus is on the future – what will remain of the project when it ends? The legacy of SCORE – the knowledge gained from all the work of the partners – must continue to be spread when the partners no longer work on a single project and have no allocated budget. Aarhus University presented the various opportunities the partners would have to keep their solutions relevant, developed and shared on a more permanent basis. Once again, SCORE will focus on   strengthening the need to connect the SCORE bubble to already existing networks such as the Open and Agile Smart City (OASC) network – e.g. by uploading SCORE solutions in the CxC Catalogue –  as well as through the signature of the Join, Boost, Sustain declaration and the adoption of the Minimum Interoperable Mechanisms (MIMs). 


Being in Gothenburg, a strong leader within the Smart City field, presented the opportunity to hear more about the city and municipality’s latest solutions and innovations. IntraService from Gothenburg City as well as Johanneberg Science Park, presented their work to the partners. The SCORE partners got to hear about the work done on digital twins by both Gothenburg and Lindholmen Science Park, the latter taking place at their Visual Arena. On the last day, Gothenburg City Park and Nature Department showed the partners their Sustainable Smart Parks testbed at Trädgårdsföreningen park, and IVL presented the air quality sensors project as part of Smart Sustainable Parks testbed/NordicPATH project by Kungsparken park.


What’s next?

Soon it will be the time of the final conference, June 8 2022 in Amsterdam, where the partners will meet for the final time and present their findings to the world alongside Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC).