SCORE Developer Sprint in Amsterdam

16 October 2019 - Published by SCORE comms
The first developer sprint in SCORE took place in Data Lab Amsterdam from 8 to 12 July 2019. It was a week full of open source and open data driven co-development.

A developer sprint has been in the project’s pipeline for quite some time as co-developing, sharing and re-using are cornerstones for the SCORE project. The goal was to bring together developers for a full week only to focus on developing concepts and codes. The event took place at Data Lab Amsterdam and City of Aarhus, Digipolis Ghent, City of Ghent, Foundation for Public Code and Amsterdam took part in it. 

Co-developing applications

The IoT Registry was the starting point for the sprint and the coders from Aarhus, Digipolis Ghent and Amsterdam co-developed on this application which was an obvious choice as both Ghent and Aarhus are interested in having a similar application in their cities. 

"We went for a hands-on approach. Inspired by the place where we gathered, Data Lab Amsterdam, we approached this week as a Developer Sprint. That meant defining barriers, inspecting, discussing, tackling them and dividing tasks in continuous daily, iterative cycles," Tim van Achte from Digipolis Ghent explains and continues: 

"We have gained a lot of hands-on experience on what works and what doesn't in transnational co-development, we will continue to document our learnings and findings and present the result as part of the project's meetings. We hope our experiences can lead to other cities following in our footsteps."

The partners that took part in the developer sprint also worked on the Crowd Flow Dashboard application and the Reusable QR toolkit for smart cities to link location-based workflows and sensor proof-of-concepts to QR codes. The outcome and the learnings from the developer sprint will be discussed with all partners during the next partner meeting that will take place in Bergen from 22 to 23 October. 


 New Developer Sprint coming up

"We are happy to report that it resulted in building plenty of momentum in SCORE and in each participating city. We succeeded in our mission to turn a group of individual developers into a multi-city open source SCORE development team. Now the DevWeek is over, each member is continuing the work remotely and making progress on both the generic and the city specific front," said Tim van Achte from Digipolis Ghent. 

Even though the participants agreed to continue working on the applications remotely, it was also clear that a sprint was a very effective way of working. The overall goal of the project is to make open source work better for smart cities and communities and the learnings and the outcome of the Developer Sprint were significant, so there is a new Developer Sprint planned, that will take place in Ghent next year from 16 to 20 March. You can see the preliminary invitation here. 

If you want to learn more about the developer sprint you can read the report made by Jacco Brouwer, City of Amsterdam and Tim van Achte, Digipolis Ghent here.