Johanneberg Science Park develops an Urban Living Lab guide for SCORE solutions

19 August 2019 - Published by SCORE comms
A step-by-step guide for integration and testing in Urban Living Labs is now ready to be used by SCORE partners when implementing solutions developed within the project.

Johanneberg Science Park, who is leading SCORE Work Package 5 - "Demonstrate and Replicate solutions in nested living labs", has developed the guide that was presented in June 2019.

"We believe that this can be very helpful for SCORE partners who might not have worked with Living Labs before. By sharing existing knowledge, we avoid inventing the wheel over and over and development can take place more efficiently. We also hope it can bring attention to the resources in the form of existing Living Labs that are available within the SCORE project," 

says Evdoxia Kouraki at Johanneberg Science Park, who led the work together with Merit Kaal.

The guidance report was developed based on the need of SCORE partners to gain a better understanding of the concept of Urban Living Labs as well as of how to use them efficiently.Testing in Living Labs is highly advantageous in the SCORE project as it implies implementing innovative solutions and products into real-life ecosystems, such as a city. In this way, the solutions are immediately experienced by end-users in everyday settings, as well as connected to all vital city systems and functions. As feedback rounds with involved developers are part of the testing process the solutions can be further developed and optimised and eventually replicated in other cities.

On 19 June, Johanneberg Science Park presented the guidance document to SCORE partners via a webinar. The document includes a definition of the term Urban Living Lab as well as a detailed list of existing Urban Living Labs in SCORE partner cities, accompanied with suggestions on how they can be used. A concrete 8-step guide is also included in the report to assist SCORE working groups to successfully integrate and test their solutions in an Urban Living Lab context. 


As a next step, each SCORE working group will create its own plan for testing in Urban Living Lab contexts and start testing their solutions. If you are interested in reading the full guidance report, please go to SCORE.Community or download the document here.