Air Quality Workshop in Johanneberg Science Park

02 December 2019 - Published by SCORE comms
A workshop focusing on open data and data-driven innovation was held at Johanneberg Science Park in Gothenburg in November. It was inspired by SCORE's approach to open data and also supported by SCORE.

Air quality is an important city challenge for a lot of cities and this is also the case in Gothenburg, where they had a workshop on how to use open data for improving air quality on 12 November. Around 100 participants who heard about the City of Gothenburg's work with open data found their way to the workshop, where good examples were shared and they could get inspired by examples of innovations using open data. 

Johanneberg Science Park has captured highlights from the workshop in the video below. 

The participants were welcomed by Evdoxia Kouraki from Johanneberg Science Park who is workpackage lead in WP5 in SCORE. 

Dan Folkesson, Digitalization Manager, and Kim Lantto, Development Manager at Consumer and Citizens Service at the City of Gothenburg did a presentation with the visions around and their work with Digital Gothenburg. Among other things, the city is developing a digital twin. Using open data will make the city's public management more efficient and the result will be a smarter work.

Afterwards Ågot Watne and Johan Sylvén from the Environmental Administration in the City of Gothenburg did a presentation. They provided three examples of where open data can be used in map visualizations, namely for maps of heat pumps, air and noise. The city already has several measuring stations for measuring air quality. Anyone can get a real-time data from the measuring stations, but the question is how many people actually do it, as well as why and how they use the datasets. 

It was a full day programme so this was followed by other interesting presentations. You can read more about the workshop at Johanneberg Science Park's own website, where you can also find a link to all the slides from the different presentations.

The workshop was part of a series of workshops supported by SCORE.