SCORE News and Announcements

BLOG: Interreg collaboration enables Ghent and District09 SCORE teams to provide the city with multi purpose QR code technology

18 December 2020

At "Öppna Data Forum - Smart besöksnäring: Medskapande av ett smart turistmål", a breakfast workshop organised by Johanneberg Science Park and City of Gothenburg in December 2020, the City of Ghent pr…

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BLOG: First international Masterportal Replication Workshop with Bradford, Ghent and Gothenburg

25 November 2020

Stakeholders in cities have different, but also numerous overlapping, requirements for their webmapping applications. We here discuss a new solution – the Masterportal, a modular open source toolbox s…

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SCORE Launches a Replication Guide for Open Source Solutions During Digital Partner Meeting

27 October 2020

Johanneberg Science Park, assisted by Bax & Company, developed a replication guide for open source solutions that were presented during the online SCORE partner meeting in September.

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BLOG: To a Higher Level of Open Data (Re-)Use in Ghent - Launching the New Open Data Portal

06 October 2020

Ghent has a long lasting history with open data. What first started in 2010 with some rudimentary excel files on an open server has now evolved to a mature data portal with over 100 high-quality open …

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BLOG: Keeping Bradford’s Streets Clean - Using QR Codes to Create a Geospatial Litter Bin Asset Register

13 August 2020

Since the 2008 economic crash there has been sustained pressure on local authority budgets and significant savings have been delivered. In the case of Bradford Council this has meant fewer operatives…

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BLOG: Engaging Citizens in Air Quality Monitoring

16 June 2020

SCORE partners are looking at how low cost IoT sensors can be used by citizens to monitor air quality in their communities. The City of Gothenburg and Johanneberg Science Park have run workshops as pa…

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SCORE Digital Partner Meeting

04 June 2020

Due to COVID-19 the SCORE partner meeting that was to be held in Hamburg on April 21-22 was held online. United by webcams and microphones the SCORE partners discussed the progress and perspectives of…

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A Universal Guide to Make Your City Fit for the Digital Transformation

17 February 2020

Cities and communities around the world are looking for ways to harness innovative services and to make the digital transformation impactful for the public administration and the citizens. The guide …

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SCORE at Connected Smart Cities and Communities Conference 2020

17 February 2020

"Scale With Us" was the theme of Connected Smart Cities & Communities 2020 (CSCC20) – the annual conference organised by Open & Agile Smart Cities in Brussels

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Air Quality Workshop in Johanneberg Science Park

02 December 2019

A workshop focusing on open data and data-driven innovation was held at Johanneberg Science Park in Gothenburg in November. It was inspired by SCORE's approach to open data and also supported by SCORE…

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