Here is an overview of links to projects and organizations we find relevant and interesting in relation to the aim and scope of SCORE. The list will be continuously updated.

OrganiCity is a co-creational initiative - a service for experimentation that explores how citizens, businesses and city authorities can work together to create digital solutions to urban challenges

Synchronicity emphasizes rethinking and improving our use of technology in order to create better living conditions for people. Through Open-Calls for funding IoT start-ups and SME's, SynchroniCity aims to help develop sustainable solutions for our cities for a healthy and smart future.

Open and Agile Smart Cities promotes the use of a shared set of methods to develop systems and make them interoperable across a single city as well as between multiple cities. It provides the network for cities all over the world to share best practices, compare results, and avoid vendor (and city) lock-in while advocating for de facto standards.

Future Cities Catapult helps innovators turn ingenious ideas into working prototypes that can be tested in real urban settings and aids in spreading them to cities across the world to improve quality of life, strengthen economies and protect the environment.

Sharing Cities fosters international collaboration between industry and cities. The project works towards creating a better, common approach to making smart cities.

European Network of Living Labs is " the international federation of benchmarked Living Labs in Europe and worldwide." An international non-profit association, ENoLL aims to "...act as a platform for best practice exchange, learning and support, and Living Lab international project development."

The Foundation for Public Code is an initiative whose mission is to create "A public digital infrastructure that is inclusive, usable, adaptive, open and sustainable."

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