WeMakeThe.City 17-23 June, 2019

WeMakeThe.City is the biggest city festival in Europe. From 17 to23 June, we will celebrate urban life and work on important urban questions in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. How do we make better cities? How do we make cities better?

Who is we?
Everyone who is involved in or with the city, in any character. Often you are more than one of those people at the same time. Civil servant, resident, father. Mother, commuter, assistant. For all people in all forms and roles. All those people make the city together. By being there, or by actively contributing to it.

What do we mean by make?
By starting new initiatives, by persevering, by employment, by architecture, by training, by making policy, by maintaining, by developing, by trying, by growing, by understanding, by creating a safe environment, by intervening, by building, by breaking through, by dialogue – all added up makes the city the city.

Is the city only about the city?
No, it’s about ‘city life’. So, not only limited to places that are a city. In the future, areas will increasingly clump together. That will give the metropolitan region the dynamism of a large city. In advance, we anticipate on this dynamism. It doesn’t exclude the region, it includes it. All of this affects behavior that is largely determined by the city. Urbanity is not limited to having city rights. That is what people do.