With the growth of smart cities, how do we build smart citizens to match?

This blog post from "Calvium" is a reminder that we need people to to be smart to live in a smart city.

"The problem that smart cities (and a lot of new technologies) have, is one of citizen inclusion, engagement and agency. There is a sense that, thus far, the sensors and algorithms that power those smart city projects already underway are being ‘done’ to the citizens.

Digital literacy is partially about education, but it’s deeper than that. 18% of people don’t know what smart cities are; they are distant from a revolution happening under their feet and all around them. People are a critical constituent of the smart city landscape, and their data forms a huge part of the revolution already happening worldwide. Surely then, they should be part of the conversation about what data is collected, and how it can be used for good?"

This and much more here.