How Sensors Can Help You Plan A Socially Smart City?

Let’s see how smart city planners can leverage the power of sensors to build a smarter future.

Read about how sensors can make our cities smarter in both an environmentally and socailly smart way.

"Due to rapid urbanization, motorization in urban areas has increased abruptly. Hence, congestion has really become a cause of worry for all. People are not able to commute from one place to other because of bad mobility. Sound transport systems are required for converting a city into a smart city. People should start giving preference to cycling, walking and public transport rather than the personal motor vehicle. Efficient traffic management can be implemented with the help of sensors to optimize traffic flow on roads. Conventional traffic lights have fixed time interval which is not adjustable with traffic flow and it also leads to more carbon emissions because of frequent stops. Future smart cities need such a system, which can count the number of cars and then manage the time slots of traffic lights."


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