SCORE - Smart Cities + Open Data Re-use

The project SCORE (Smart Cities Open data Re-use) aims to increase efficiency and quality of public services in cities based on smart and open data-driven solutions. 

SCORE is a European funded project with nine cities: Amsterdam, Aarhus, Aberdeen, Bergen, Bradford, Dordrecht, Ghent, Gothenburg & Hamburg and three universities cooperate. The partner cities have innovative solutions based upon open data for example for better management of sustainable mobility, air quality, flooding and crowd management. The solutions are shared between the cities, improved and made available for other European cities.

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Lead Beneficiary: Gemeente Amsterdam
Email: Hugo Niesing, 

Latest Project News

SCORE Developer Sprint in Amsterdam

16 October 2019

The first developer sprint in SCORE took place in Data Lab Amsterdam from 8 to 12 July 2019. It was a week full of open source and open data driven co…

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Johanneberg Science Park develops an Urban Living Lab guide for SCORE solutions

19 August 2019

A step-by-step guide for integration and testing in Urban Living Labs is now ready to be used by SCORE partners when implementing solutions developed …

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Clean Air Day in Bradford

10 July 2019

Air pollution is an important challenge in SCORE and the ambition is to raise the general awareness about the topic. Engaging the young generation is …

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Our "Smart City in a Suitcase" going public

28 June 2019

The second iteration of the "Smart City in a Suitcase" had its world debut at the IoT Week Public Expo, 18-20 June 2019 in Aarhus.

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SCORE partner meeting in Aarhus

14 May 2019

The third partner meeting took place in Aarhus from 10 to 11 April. This time the time had come to present some of the solutions from the project so f…

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