SCORE - Smart Cities + Open Data Re-use

SCORE aims to increase efficiency and quality of public services in cities through smart and open data-driven solutions. 

SCORE is a European Union funded project with nine cities and three universities participating: Amsterdam, Aarhus, Aberdeen, Bergen, Bradford, Dordrecht, Ghent, Gothenburg, Hamburg, University of Amsterdam, Aarhus University and University of Bradford.

The partners develop innovative solutions based on open data and focus on sharing insights and methodologies for developing better public services. For instance in the shape of better management of sustainable mobility, improving air quality, monitoring flooding and furthering crowd management.                                                                           


Lead Beneficiary: Gemeente Amsterdam

Email: Hein Wils,

Latest Project News

SCORE Partner Meeting in Amsterdam

24 November 2021

After exactly two years since the SCORE partners met in Bergen, Norway and many online meetings, it was time for a few to travel to Amsterdam for anot…

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BLOG: Replicating to make a difference

25 October 2021

Attaining a carbon neutral Europe by 2050 with a sustainable environment, society and economy will require a lot of innovation and collaboration in al…

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BLOG: Interreg collaboration enables Ghent and District09 SCORE teams to provide the city with multi purpose QR code technology

18 December 2020

At "Öppna Data Forum - Smart besöksnäring: Medskapande av ett smart turistmål", a breakfast workshop organised by Johanneberg Science Park and City of…

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BLOG: First international Masterportal Replication Workshop with Bradford, Ghent and Gothenburg

25 November 2020

Stakeholders in cities have different, but also numerous overlapping, requirements for their webmapping applications. We here discuss a new solution –…

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SCORE Launches a Replication Guide for Open Source Solutions During Digital Partner Meeting

27 October 2020

Johanneberg Science Park, assisted by Bax & Company, developed a replication guide for open source solutions that were presented during the online SCO…

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