09.24.2018: Meet the Buyer event - Ørsted

Event date: 09/24/2018 09:15:00 - 09/24/2018 13:30:00
Venue: TechBBQ, Øksnehallen, Halmtorvet 11, 1700 Copenhagen (Denmark)

Innovation and needs of our buyer

Ørsted is an energy conglomerate with the vision to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. Ørsted develops energy systems that are green, independent and economically viable. They are active in 3 fields: wind powercustomer solutions and bioenergy & thermal power.

Ørsted is looking for cleantech solutions which have been tested in the market technologically and commercially.

  1. Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solutions: which can be part of an energy management system focused on functionality, for example:
    • site optimisation
    • energy analytics
    • market access for prosumers
    • Or this can be targeted an industry vertical based on specific industry pain points (e.g. within hospitals, pharma, retail, manufacturing, etc.).
  1. Offshore wind Operations and Maintenance (O&M): solutions within predictive O&M. Predictive maintenance solutions should be focused on the truly predictive aspects. For optimization of operations, potential areas of interest are across the full operations process and can include both hardware and software solutions. The requirement here is that the solutions are truly novel and extend beyond e.g. forecasting.
  1. Bioenergy 
    • Solid recovered fuel (SRF): thermal conversion of MSW-derived LDPE plastics, plastic films and/or plastic foils to products such as chemicals, waxes and/or oils used for non-fuel applications.
    • Digestate: search terms include sludge recycling, sludge purification or metal extraction from sludge, nutrient extraction from sludge, and thermal conversion of sludge (other than incineration and co-combustion as disposal or fuel). Sludges may be waste water treatment sludge, digestates from anaerobic digestion / biogas production, different types of biomass derived sludges, composts, etc.

See the buyer profile for more information.

How to participate?

The Meet the Buyer event is invite only. Start-ups and scale-ups are subject to certain criteria as well as a review process in order to qualify. Matched companies will have one-to-one meetings with Ørsted.


To indicate your interest and to register, please contact Maria Skotte by sending an email to mas@cleancluster.dk or contact your regional SCALE-UP partner.