Meet the Buyer event: Deutsche Telekom

Venue: Virtual

Deutsche Telekom (DT) is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies

They are looking for credible, scalable, and innovative companies that represent radical models and innovative best practice in the energy sector to face DT’s significant increase in its energy demand with the move to 5G

Meet the Buyer events offer interesting opportunities for your company to get in touch with the leading enterprises in a variety of business sectors. The event is invite-only and will give you the chance to have an individual one-to-one meeting with key decision makers. Join the event, establish valuable collaborations, pitch your products and services, and discuss business partnerships that can fast-forward your company’s growth.

Deadline for applications: 05/02/2021

Online meetings between successful applicants and the Deutsche Telekom team: Feb/March-2021


Buyer profile

What is their business?

Deutsche Telekom ( is one of the world's leading integrated
telecommunications companies, with some 235.8 million mobile customers, 27.5 million fixednetwork
lines, and 21.3 million broadband lines. It has a strong market presence in Germany
and the United States, through T-Mobile, as well as a leading market position in the Netherlands,
Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia and Greece; and via its enterprise arm, TSystems,
has a presence in over 50 countries worldwide. With a staff of some 230k employees
throughout the world, Deutsche Telekom generated revenue of 80.5 billion Euros in the 2019
financial year, about 66 percent of which was outside Germany.

What are they looking for?

DT is the second largest user of energy in Germany. With the move to 5G, DT will see a
significant increase in its energy demand. Although 5G theoretically offers lower energy
consumption “per bit” than 4G, when consumers have the possibility to use 10x more bits, the
energy demand will rise accordingly. Vendors claims: “the energy demand of 5G will be 300-
350% of 4G”. How does DT meet this demand? What does it do differently? What new models
can it leverage? What new sources of generation are required? DT wants to lead the industry
towards a more sustainable future, demonstrate how it can be a more integral part of the shift
to net zero, better optimise its own energy usage and that of its customers, and create new

DT is primarily looking for solutions in the following areas:
DT is actively searching for highly innovative scalable solutions from scale-ups and start-ups –
ideally that have been commercially deployed, even at a Proof of Concept/Minimum Viable
Product level – that can assist the firm in its “energiewende” (energy transition), i.e. to a low
carbon, environmentally sound, reliable, and affordable energy world.

Solutions could include:

  1. Renewable and decentralized energy generation and storage solutions for both
    large-scale and micro network locations.
  2. Transparency and management solutions that:
    1. Enable new efficiencies and business models across DT’s network
      infrastructure, data centres and office buildings.
    2. Unlock under-utilised energy generating and storage assets of DT’s B2B, B2C
      and B2B2C (i.e. commercial landlords of apartment blocks) customers that
      could enable new business models.
    3. Smart grid solutions that provide an enhanced means to better balance the supply
      and demand, both for DT’s own requirements and that of its B2B/B2C customers, such
      as Virtual Power Plants, etc.


What can Deutsche Telekom offer your company?

You will have the opportunity to meet with senior contacts within the DT Group Innovation team and if selected, present your company/solution during a DT Board meeting with the potential to validate your solution for application with Deutsche Telekom and/or their customers.

Introductions could also be arranged with DT’s early stage startup incubator hubraum ( located in Berlin, Kraków and Tel Aviv; as well as DT Capital Partners (, who have a long history of working with scale-ups and supporting them to drive growth. DTCP has invested upwards of $2BN in >70 firms over recent years. DTCP is headquartered in Hamburg with offices in Menlo Park, Tel Aviv and Seoul.


How can you apply?

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Camila Vila-Echague by sending an email to briefly outlining the interest of your company in the Buyer’s case.

You should include:

  • a summary of why your product/solution or service meets the buyers needs
  • a link to your website
  • your contact details

You can also contact your regional SCALE-UP partner.

Discover the full buyer profile here