20.11.2019: Meet the Buyer event - Frederiksberg

Venue: Barcelona - Smart City Expo

Innovation and needs of our buyer

Frederiksberg is driving the creation of bespoke stormwater management projects that fit within the existing structure of the bustling city.

Besides implementing an array of stormwater management programs in synergy with construction projects and natural infrastructure, Frederiksberg also has focus on the heat island issue and is looking for an answer to the question 'How can the city of Frederiksberg keep cool and minimize the negative consequences of heat islands, and document the effects of the efforts documented before, during and after?'


See the BUYER PROFILE for more information.


How to participate?

The Meet the Buyer event is invite only. Start-ups and scale-ups are subject to certain criteria as well as a review process in order to qualify. Matched companies will have one-to-one meetings.



If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Maria Skotte by sending an email to and briefly indicate the interest of your company in the Buyer’s case. You can also contact your regional SCALE-UP partner.