Consibio: A door opened when large Japanese customer sought for rare technologies

11 August 2021 - Published by Willem Antonie Oskam

A fruitful collaboration may be the next step after Søren Jessen Kjær, Co-Founder of Consibio, has held direct 1:1 meetings with Shimizu, a large Japanese company via one of the environmental cluster's Meet-the-buyer processes. CLEAN encouraged Consibio to participate based on a screening of solutions in CLEAN's member base.

Consibio is a small innovative business with solutions within the bioprocess industry. The combination of new sensor technology, IoT and Big Data in a single platform, Monesco, is the key to creating valuable insights. Insights that can help companies that rely on bioprocesses to optimize production.

"After the second meeting, Shimizu is still interested in exploring the possibility of a collaboration. Shimizu is a major player in the industry, in fact they are among the 20 largest companies in its industry, so it is a really good opportunity for us", says Søren Jessen Kjær, Co-Founder in Consibio, who will soon have a meeting with Shimizu again.

It is not many years since the three young entrepreneurs from Consibio sat on the school bench. During their studies, they worked hard to start the company through study projects at Aarhus University - now they sell their solution to companies that want better control in their bioprocesses.

Met directly with decision makers

Søren Jessen Kjær has now participated in two 1:1 meetings with Shimizu, where he has pitched Consibio's solution and they have talked about the possibility of a collaboration.

The opportunity came knocking

In a Meet-the-buyer course, a challenge owner, usually a large organization, presents his challenge, after which innovative small and medium-sized companies are screened and matched with the "buyer" and given the opportunity to pitch their solution in an exclusive 1:1 meeting.

We were contacted by CLEAN, who presented the opportunity to us. It was definitely not an opportunity we had found ourselves,” says Søren Jessen Kjær, Co-Founder of Consibio. CLEAN screens its member base for good matches when there is a Meet-the-buyer process.

Shimizu was searching for specific solutions

In this Meet-the-buyer course, Shimizu was interested in insect technologies, among other things. Consibio's technology can help Shimizu with industrial processing of insect protein. By using sensors and IoT technology, one can gain insights into how to best create the ideal conditions for the processing of the insects.

Consibio's solution can be applied to many different bioprocesses. With the technology, companies will be able to control their bioprocesses and thereby reduce waste and ensure a stable and homogenous production.

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