Online Meet the Buyer event helps Aurubis to find fruitful collaborations to reduce their CO2 emissions.

04 October 2021 - Published by Willem Antonie Oskam
In April, Cleantech Flanders organised, in light of the Scale Up Interreg North Sea Region project, several online Meet the Buyer sessions in co-operation with Aurubis. Aurubis Belgium is specialized in the production of copper cathodes, rod, oxygen-free rod, bars and profiles.

They are looking for solutions to reduce the carbon footprint in the production of its copper products on the Olen site. The Aurubis group goal is to reduce scope 1 & 2 CO2 emissions by 50% in 2030 versus the reference year 2018 and to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Important factors to take into consideration are the European Green Deal on the one hand, guiding towards decarbonization, and the Belgian nuclear exit, potentially leading to electricity shortages and high electricity prices, on the other hand. Tjakko Zijlema, Senior Manager Engineering Aurubis: “We were already looking for solutions to reduce our CO2 emissions internally and this was an interesting addition to identify innovative ideas and new technologies.”

During the online Meet the Buyer meetings, Aurubis met a selected number of scale-ups who can help them reaching these goals. During these online meetings, some interesting opportunities came up. Zijlema: "The procedure to participate was really straightforward and the online meetings went smoothly. Our expectations about the presentations of the companies, which were very well prepared, were met. We would definitely recommend these Meet the Buyer meetings.”

After these first meetings Aurubis will further explore possible co-operations.

Cleantech Flanders regularly organizes Meet the Buyer events in the Scale Up Interreg North Sea Region Project, which offer interesting opportunities for companies to get in touch with the leading enterprises in a variety of business sectors, to pitch products and services, and discuss business partnerships that can fast-forward a company’s growth. 

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