07.01.21 Meet the Buyer event: Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom (DT) is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies

They are looking for credible, scalable, and innovative companies that represent radical models and innovative best practice in the energy sector to face DT’s significant increase in its energy demand with the move to 5G

Deadline for applications: 05/02/2021

Online meetings between successful applicants and the Deutsche Telekom team: Feb/March-2021

Buyer profile

What is their business?

Deutsche Telekom ( is one of the world's leading integrated
telecommunications companies, with some 235.8 million mobile customers, 27.5 million fixednetwork
lines, and 21.3 million broadband lines. It has a strong market presence in Germany
and the United States, through T-Mobile, as well as a leading market position in the Netherlands,
Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia and Greece; and via its enterprise arm, TSystems,
has a presence in over 50 countries worldwide. With a staff of some 230k employees
throughout the world, Deutsche Telekom generated revenue of 80.5 billion Euros in the 2019
financial year, about 66 percent of which was outside Germany.

What are they looking for?

DT is the second largest user of energy in Germany. With the move to 5G, DT will see a
significant increase in its energy demand. Although 5G theoretically offers lower energy
consumption “per bit” than 4G, when consumers have the possibility to use 10x more bits, the
energy demand will rise accordingly. Vendors claims: “the energy demand of 5G will be 300-
350% of 4G”. How does DT meet this demand? What does it do differently? What new models
can it leverage? What new sources of generation are required? DT wants to lead the industry
towards a more sustainable future, demonstrate how it can be a more integral part of the shift
to net zero, better optimise its own energy usage and that of its customers, and create new

DT is primarily looking for solutions in the following areas:
DT is actively searching for highly innovative scalable solutions from scale-ups and start-ups –
ideally that have been commercially deployed, even at a Proof of Concept/Minimum Viable
Product level – that can assist the firm in its “energiewende” (energy transition), i.e. to a low
carbon, environmentally sound, reliable, and affordable energy world.

Solutions could include:

  1. Renewable and decentralized energy generation and storage solutions for both
    large-scale and micro network locations.
  2. Transparency and management solutions that:
    1. Enable new efficiencies and business models across DT’s network
      infrastructure, data centres and office buildings.
    2. Unlock under-utilised energy generating and storage assets of DT’s B2B, B2C
      and B2B2C (i.e. commercial landlords of apartment blocks) customers that
      could enable new business models.
    3. Smart grid solutions that provide an enhanced means to better balance the supply
      and demand, both for DT’s own requirements and that of its B2B/B2C customers, such
      as Virtual Power Plants, etc. 

How can you apply?

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Camila Vila-Echague by sending an email to briefly outlining the interest of your company in the Buyer’s case.

You should include:

  • a summary of why your product/solution or service meets the buyers needs
  • a link to your website
  • your contact details

You can also contact your regional SCALE-UP partner.

Discover the full buyer profile here


21.12.20 Meet the Buyer event: TIMM

TIMM is an SME company established in 1963, specializing in security technology for industrial application with a focus on the (petro)chemical and renewables industries.

To take IntelliLock, our core product for the wind industry, to the next level we are looking for a partner who is experienced in (programming of) web-based access control solutions.

What is their business?

Since 1963, TIMM has been active in the field of industrial security technology with a focus on the (petro)chemical industry. In 2017, we started our journey to renewables by developing IntelliLock, the smart access control system for wind turbines. IntelliLock helps wind farm operators to reach three goals: 1) Enhance wind turbine security; 2) Manage operator responsibilities; and 3) Streamline and digitalize operational processes.

IntelliLock consists of hardware, which is installed in the wind turbine, and software. The IntelliLock software is currently hosted on a server of the wind farm operator (on premise). Communication runs via existing networks. For more information visit .

What are they looking for?

Now, we want to take IntelliLock to the next level by

  • Moving the IntelliLock software to the cloud
  • Becoming independent of existing wind farm communication networks.

To reach this goal, we are looking for a partner. Our ideal partner is a software company with a track record in programming web-based access control and monitoring solutions. Moreover, the ideal partner would

  • already have a web-based platform for access control into which we could integrate IntelliLock
  • be familiar with IT security requirements, e.g. according to ISO 27001.
How can you apply?

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Martina Christiansen by sending an email to and briefly indicate the interest of your company in the Buyer’s case. You can also contact your regional SCALE-UP partner. ( See the full buyer profile for more information)

The deadline to apply is Friday, January 15th, 2021

Discover the full buyer profile here:



PONTON blockchain team wins Danfoss hackathon


Danfoss Trata Slovenia and Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia made an agreement to collaborate on a joint project, aimed at identifying blockchain companies and projects in the wider region, that are developing technological solutions within the energy industry.

Danfoss Trata Slovenia and Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia made an agreement to collaborate on a joint project, aimed at identifying blockchain companies and projects in the wider region, that are developing technological solutions within the energy industry. The goal of the project was to select companies, that would carry out pilot projects together with Danfoss Trata and at the end evaluate possibilities for a collaborative partnership with this global company. CLEAN helped Danfoss in the process of finding relevant companies for their pilot project. Interested companies were invited by SCALE-UP, a collaborative Interreg North Sea Region Project, to submit descriptions of their technological solutions.

One of the companies who answered the public call for blockchain projects in the energy sector by Danfoss Trata Slovenia and Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia was PONTON – one of the main players for business related blockchain applications in Northern Germany. They had received information about the call from the Northern German Renewable Energy Network EE.SH.

Danfoss and Blockchain Think Tank representatives selected projects with the biggest potential for a pilot project and for a potential long-term collaboration. On February 6th and 7th the selected projects were invited to a two-day hackathon. The aim of the hackathon was to test the companies’ technological solutions together with Danfoss representatives and in the end, presenting them to the Danfoss expert commission.

Over two days the PONTON team competed at Danfoss in Ljubljana, building a functioning blockchain application. Their hard work has paid off and PONTON was selected to participate in an upcoming pilot project at Danfoss. A contributing factor to this success is the PONTON WRMHL framework. The framework makes it easy for users to build end-to-end business application utilizing blockchain technology.

Michael Merz from PONTON says: “After having hacked 24 hours (with two hours sleeping), we were happy to have been finally awarded. It was a pleasure to participate – also due to the great organization and comfort that the Danfoss colleagues prepared for the teams. We are looking forward to a great co-operation, jointly working on the pilot project”.



Cleantech Flanders meets Flanders Investment & Trade


On the 5th of February 2020, Cleantech Flanders presented the Interreg NSR ScaleUp project before an international audience of some 25 attendees from Flanders Investment &Trade (FIT). 

FIT is the Flemish trade & invest agency with over 100 offices across the world that provides guidance to buyers and distributors worldwide on innovative and quality products

& services offered by Flemish companies.  Mr. Frans Snijkers, Director of Cleantech Flanders, did a presentation which you can download here.


01.08.2019: New Meet the buyer event with Vopak Singapore during CleanTech Mission Singapore from 7 until 10 October

Cleantech mission to Vopak Singapore in October 2019

Do you want to develop and grow your business in South-East Asia? Are you active in the field of Circularity, Waste, Mobility & Digitalisation? Then join the CleanTech Mission to Singapore from 7-10 October 2019, led by the Vice Mayor of Rotterdam Mrs. Kathmann.

Find new business opportunities, meet the right business partners during their matchmaking event and get inside information from Singapore experts. Learn about local initiatives and innovations and visit the Cleantech Forum Asia. Meet investors and join the Meet the Buyer event, organised by the City of Rotterdam and esteemed partners from the Interreg project SCALE-UP.

The Cleantech mission is an excellent event to meet Singapore Based corporations such as Vopak Singapore, Singapore Power and Sembcorp and PUB (Singapore’s National Water Agency). And will be organised parallel to the annual Cleantech Forum Asia.  

>> More information on the CleanTech Mission Singapore

>> Do you want to attend our Meet the Buyer event with Vopak Singapore?

Check out their full buyer profile now and contact your regional SCALE-UP partner.



14.06.2019: SCALE-UP news round-up first half of 2019

Reaching almost €29 million of investments in CO2-reducing industrial technologies across 17 success stories

News round-up first half of 2019

The first half of 2019, the SCALE-UP team hosted another 9 Meet the Buyer events with large industrials like IKEA, Nouryon, Alfa Laval, Vopak and Anglian Water. After thorough selection, over 50 innovative SMEs where invited to present their market-ready cleantech solutions. This brings the total of innovation meet-ups to 52, involving over 565 SMEs.

A few examples of our past Meet the buyer events:

  • Danish Engineering company Danfoss and the energy conglomerate Ørsted met 9 SMEs from across the region presenting solutions ranging from heating systems, nutrient recovery from sludge, and energy management.
  • UK Housing provider Places for People awarded two providers of intelligent energy management systems a consultancy contract to design local energy systems that increase use of rooftop PV power, while facilitate trading of access energy on wholesale markets.

But more importantly, 3 years after project start, the commercial impact of the SCALE-UP approach became visible. The transnational introductions facilitated by SCALE-UP have led to 17 commercial collaborations, from breakthrough technology pilots to large-scale investments. In total, the project has triggered nearly €29M in investments. For example:

  • The Belgian company Act & Sorb developed technology to convert MDF-waste into active coal and green energy.
  • Ejlskov of Denmark proposed Swerock of Sweden a new method of recycling contaminated soil on-site, avoiding 24,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions in avoided transport.

All in all, the SCALE-UP project has experienced an important step forward in this period. Yet, some challenges still exist, such as the number of travel vouchers granted or the upgrade of regional RIS3 strategies. In the next news reports, these challenges will be addressed by the partners, while still focusing on the main results, outputs and objectives of the project.



28.03.2019: 7 SMEs pitched their cleantech solutions for the smart street lighting of the city of Halle


On 21 March Cleantech Flanders organised the Meet the Buyer event for the city of Halle, in light of their innovative procurement programme on street lighting. In total 7 SMEs from Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands pitched their cleantech solutions.

The smart street lighting of Halle

The city of Halle wishes to demonstrate that the achievement of the climate targets of 2050, being 80% less greenhouse gases, is possible for some activities. To this end, the city has decided to focus on smart and sustainable street using adaptive intelligent lighting controls technology to maximize energy efficiency and carbon reduction. On top, they wish to produce the energy required for this purpose, locally and on a renewable basis and furthermore store and connect this energy to the public lighting network.

The proposed solutions from the innovators that attended the Meet the Buyer event:

  • Turbulent from Belgium develops efficient hydropower plants for rivers and canals with a low height difference, using new technology based on the vortex principle. The slow rate of pressure difference over the blade ensures unharmed passage of fish and aquatic life. The turbines do not obstruct the normal water flow, eliminating flood risks altogether.
  • The Dutch company Time Shift shows energy storage systems to gain flexibility in primary reserves, intraday market and supporting renewable energy sources. The storage system can be used in low voltage stations to reduce peak load on the grid.

  • Belgian Xant manufactures midsize turbines for the microgrid and off-grid markets.XANT turbines have the capability of active power curtailment and can be equipped with integrated energy storage to allow for a high penetration rates.  The extreme simplicity, easy maintenance, silent operation and low cost of ownership make XANT turbines ideally suited for wind power on remote locations and close to the consumer.

  • Viking Wind from Denmark produces household wind turbines. Compared to the large wind turbines, a household wind turbine is not subject to strict wind turbine planning, as they can be installed without loading the neighbours or the landscape.

  • Wingardium-Energy from Belgium distributes a range of green energy solutions, consisting of wind, water, solar and energy storage. The Quantum is a mobile plug-& play turbine that can generate up to 28.000kWh/year depending on windspeed. For hydropower solutions they have a partnership with EQA projects.

  • Belgian EQA projects produces a floating hydropower installation, easily installed and used in rivers and other high velocity waters worldwide.  Due to its efficient design and by using chiefly recycled plastics for the construction, the EQA-River is able to produce clean energy at economical rates.

  • Solar Enterprise from Belgium provides  a transition to sustainable energy with design. They produce a smart flower solar panel, small windmill with vertical axes and batteries

After the one-to-one meetings, the buyers and innovators could enjoy a guided tour of the project site in Lembeek (a submunicipality of the city of Halle). 



14.11.2018: 8 European innovators presented their cleantech solutions to the Danish company SE


On November 7th 2018 SCALE-UP - in collaboration with the Interreg project Northern Connections - facilitated a Meet the Buyer event in Esbjerg, Denmark.

The Living Lab concept was included in this event with two main tracks: the Meet the Buyer event and several inspirational presentations from Enterprise Europe Network, Aarhus University, CLEAN Cluster and Business Region Gothenburg.

A total of 24 participants from Denmarkthe NetherlandsSweden and the United Kingdom, were represented. 8 innovators presented their cleantech solutions for the Danish company SE (Syd Energi)SE focusses on long term and societal challenges. The strategic outcome of the aim is by expanding Denmark’s infrastructure within telecommunication and energy and support the green transition.

Buyer SE was looking for innovative companies to identify new partnerships, ideas, technologies and/or methodologies to reach their strategic goals. SE’s main goals are to create more sustainable energy and better digital communication. More specific, they were looking for SMEs with solutions within the following areas:

  • Sensor technology: the use of sensor technology to collect data is increasing when it comes to new forms and sizes with new applications. Sensors is now more reliable and sustainable, which increases the opportunities to collect data in new ways.
  • Electric cars & charge/storage: more effective solutions for batteries and charging, storage, controlling and redistribution or new methods for grid capacity.
  • More green behavior: concepts and technologies with focus on the costumer’s everyday life, to motivate and engage to a greener and more sustainable behavior.

Overall an exceedingly interesting and successful day with a different take on the concept of Meet the Buyer events, which will be further improved and developed in some of the events to come.



01.10.2018: 9 European SMEs pitched their cleantech solutions to the Danish corporates Ørsted and Danfoss

On September 24th, 2018 the Danish partner CLEAN organised two Meet the Buyer events with the engineering company Danfoss and the energy conglomerate Ørsted. In total 9 SMEs from Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden pitched their cleantech solutions.

Which were the cleantech needs of Danfoss and Ørsted?

Danfoss was looking for services based on sensing, monitoring and optimisation of buildings and technological solutions concerning optimisation through data analytics.

For this event Ørsted was looking for cleantech solutions

  • which help commercial and industrial customers benefit from the green transformation;
  • which optimise Operations and Maintenance of offshore wind farms;
  • within bioenergy (solid recovered fuels and digestates).

In total 9 SMEs from Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden presented their innovations during the one-to-one meetings with Danfoss and Ørsted.

Below you can find a short overview of the innovators selected for this event and the innovations they presented:

  • byNubian from Belgium offers innovative hardware, software and Internet of Things solutions for capturing, persisting and analysing building and sensor data.

  • NuReSys from Belgium is specialised in recovering nutrients out of liquid and sludge streams. Main focus is on phosphate recovery but also nitrogen is included.

  • CLIMAID from Denmark was founded as a spin-off from a PhD Project from Technical University of Denmark, investigating the link between occupant behaviour and indoor climate in multi-family residential buildings.

  • The Danish AquaGreen is a technology company within the Clean Tech industry. AquaGreen has, together with the Danish Technical University developed a new and innovative solution for wastewater sludge treatment and for converting low-grade biomaterial resources into thermal energy and a biochar, which is a soil improving fertilizer.

  • Hero Balancer from the Netherlands adds intelligence to large-scale heating installation. With their plug and play add-on for large-scale heating installations we gain the power to control the heating installation. By analysing and predicting the heating demand and supply and matching both they can save 25% on the energy bill autonomously. Their solution works perfect in schools, offices, apartment blocks and healthcare institutions.

  • Drones for Work form the Netherlands has developed state-of-the-art control engineering algorithms and combines this with years of embedded systems and software engineering experience. This allows them to create autonomous drone control solutions with improved performance in terms of disturbance rejection, fault tolerance, and reliability.

  • Raybased is a Swedish PropTech company with an open wireless network for building automation. The network monitors, controls and optimises technical systems such as heating, ventilation and lighting, in buildings. Raybaseds network can easily be integrated with existing automation systems in buildings and thus works as both stand-alone and as a complement to other automation. Raybaseds focus is to simplify daily life through digitisation.

  • The Swedish Dunderon has a strong background in Computer / IT, IT Security, Energy System, Data Analysis and Automation. With this background, Dunderon's focus is to provide a true next generation of EMS (Energy Management System) for commercial buildings / hotels, schools, multi-family buildings and district heat suppliers.

  • Affectus also from Sweden is a software company offering data collection and monitoring solutions for the energy and industrial sectors. Affectus has developed systems for the energy sector and industry, installed around the world since 1994.

The SMEs were also able to join a pitch training workshop to improve their presentation skills.



12.07.2018: 20 European SMEs pitched their innovations to Alfa Laval, Anglian Water and Shimizu


Three Meet the Buyer events were held during the Cambridge Cleantech annual conference on July 4th. In total 20 European innovators presented their cleantech solutions at the Swedish company Alfa Laval, the British Anglian Water and Shimizu

Which were the needs of Alfa Laval, Anglian Water and Shimizu?

Alfa Laval focuses on the development and manufacturing of heat exchangers, separators, pumps and valves. They are a key player in areas such as energy optimization, environmental protection and safe food production. For this event, they are looking for SMEs who offer solutions in the areas of heating and cooling technologies, water treatment, new materials and Internet of Things solutions. Shimizu on the other hand, active in the construction business, is looking for construction and transport innovations to reduce their global carbon footprint. And the third buyer Anglian Water, a water and sewage utility company, wants to connect with organisations in the supply chain that have new ideas and innovative sustainable solutions for the water industry. 

In total 20 SMEs from Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom pitched their cleantech innovations during one-to-one meetings with Alfa Laval, Anglian Water and Shimizu.

Below you can find a short overview of some of the solutions the innovators came up with:

  • ODQA from the United Kingdom came up with a highly efficient heat transfer technology with applications in geothermal heat production, district heating and cooling and electronics.

  • Arvia Technologies and Inspection Technologies from the United Kingdom, BOSAQ from Belgium, Danish Clean Water and the Dutch companies VitalFluid and Metal Membranes proposed a cleantech solution for water treatment and purification.

  • Concerning the field of water usage Kelda Technology has invented a revolutionary, patented ‘water-in-air’ shower system that uses half the water and heating costs compared to any existing shower system without any loss to shower spray force.

  • Epicam from the United Kingdom showed their different solutions for energy storage through air compression.

  • The British Solar Polar has developed a solar cooling technology. Primary uses are on-farm developing country pre-cooling in particular fruit and milk.

  • FeyeCon and CarbonOrO both from the Netherlands and the company Cambridge Carbon Capture presented solutions for CO2 capture.

Each buyer got in contact with around eight to ten European SMEs, which gave them a broad perspective on the available solutions on the market.



05.07.2018: Six European SMEs pitched their cleantech solution for the treatment of ballast water

Meet the Buyer event Euroshore @Havenhuis, Antwerpen

Six innovators from Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom met eight members of Euroshore to present their cleantech solution for the onshore treatment of scrubber sludge and ballast water.

Euroshore is the leading association of companies that deal with sustainable solutions for ship waste. The eight members of Euroshore met the six innovators during the Meet the Buyer event in the new Port building in Antwerp on the 28thof June.

The challenge for the six innovators was to propose cleantech solutions for the onshore treatment of scrubber sludge and ballast water to eight members of Euroshore: MAC2, MTD, TWZ, SARP Industries, MSR, TRADEBE, SWOC and Martens Cleaning.

Proposed cleantech solutions from the six innovators: 

  • Arvia from the United Kingdom proposed the Nyex treatment system for continuously removing and treating organic contaminants, resulting in safely discharging or reusing of wastewater. The Nyex-technology, based on electrochemical oxidation using a bed of active and conductive material, is an onshore standalone solution.
  • Sofresid from France proposed the OCTOPOL approach, that basically consists of an (offshore) assistant barge that can treat ballast and waste water from sea ships offshore.
  • Belgian Inopsys presented the following products: the Poly-Ox Unit which is a polyvalent mobile oxidation unit in which different Advanced Oxidation Processes can be combined and the Poly-Met Unit, a polyvalent mobile unit for the removal of different metals like zinc, iron, copper, manganese, nickel, etc.
  • The Danish Bawat supplies ballast water management systems, that are based on the pasteurization technique. It uses no filters, UV or addition of chemicals to the ballast water. The systems can be used on a truck (onshore) or on a barge or even on board.
  • The Dutch A. Dorenbos Holding presented a system for cleaning ballast water. The system was tested during a 3-month period in the port of New York.
  • Environmental Treatment Concepts from the United Kingdom offers innovative solutions for waste thickening or dewatering in water or wastewater and for energy harvesting.

After the one-to-one meetings, the buyers and the innovators got the chance to visit the MAC2 port reception facility. MAC2 illustrated the technologically challenging Buyer’s case which was highly appreciated by all the participants. Afterwards Euroshore indicated that follow-up is to be expected on probably three of the proposed solutions.



21.03.2018: 7 innovators proposed their solutions for the waste heat that emerges during the production process of Profel

Meet the Buyer Profile 14032018

On the 14thof March the Meet-the-Buyer event with Profel took place in Overpelt, Belgium. Profel is one of the largest manufacturers of windows and doors in Europe. To save energy they want to maximally combine the heating and cooling processes. On the other hand they also want to generate electricity with the excess of heat they produce. 

In total 7 innovators proposed their solutions to the Profel energy team. Each innovator explained his own approach on how to tackle this case. Some potential solutions proposed by the innovative SMEs are the use of a heat exchanger or steam expander or introducing adiabatic cooling.

Both Profel and the SMEs pointed out the value of our SCALE-UP approach to enhance innovative procurement. Combining the different ways of approaching the problem is a major asset of this Meet-the-Buyer event and this in particular for the buyer. Afterwards, Profel indicated that follow up meetings with 3 SMEs are expected. Also the innovators liked the concept of this event and could extend their network. Contact data and further information were exchanged between all parties.

At the end of the pitches everyone participated at the guided tour of the Profel production, which illustrated the technologically challenging case. Everyone highly valued this guided tour. 



20.09.2017: 6 innovators from Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark present their innovation solutions to the port of Rotterdam


On the 11th of September, the Meet-the-buyer event with the Port of Rotterdam took place. 6 innovators, carefully selected by the SCALE-UP partners, pitched their companies to the innovation board of the Port of Rotterdam. Innovators from Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium were present during the session. Within 2 weeks the innovators will receive feedback from the innovation board of the Port of Rotterdam. Together with Clean Tech Delta, the Port of Rotterdam and the innovators the opportunity for pilot projects will be explored. Click here for more information about the innovators.



26.07.2017: SCALE-UP connected 180 SMEs to large corporations in one year


Over the past year, the Meet the Buyer events of SCALE-UP have given innovative SMEs the opportunity to present their cleantech solutions to large corporate buyers such as Siemens, Skanska, Anglian Water and the British Antarctic Survey.

The partners of SCALE-UP have organized 10 Meet the Buyer events in the UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. These events have offered significant opportunities for collaboration between large corporations and SMEs. The purchasing professionals of large companies are looking for greening their supply chains and finding new cleantech products and solutions from the smaller innovators.

Before the Meet the Buyer events, the large corporations presented their cleantech needs, via the SCALE-UP website, so that SMEs can sign up for 1-to-1 sessions to present their innovative solutions.

The most suitable solutions are then entered into a development and purchasing process for effective adoption and implementation into the corporation. It is expected that the solutions adopted in these sessions will contribute to reducing the environmental impact of their applications by at least 10% over the next four years.

The success of the SCALE-UP Meet the Buyer events in the first year comes from the large contact networks of the cleantech clusters in the project and the successful communication campaign that the partners have launched to promote the opportunities for large and small corporates.­


20.07.2017: 8power, tenant of SCALE-UP partner Allia, won prestigious award at IDTechEX


8power, tenant of SCALE-UP partner Allia, is pleased to announce being awarded “best technical development in energy harvesting” at the 2017 IDTechEx conference in Berlin. With the launch of the Track100 self-powered GPS tracker the company has taken vibration energy harvesting out of the lab and in to a family of products.

Commenting on the award 8power CEO, Dr Antony Rix said “We are delighted and grateful to the panel of independent judges for making this prestigious award. We have worked rapidly to progress the commercial success of vibration energy harvesting. Thanks to our academic partners at the University of Cambridge and the 8power team for their hard work to allow us to launch our first products so soon”.

Rix added “This award validates our energy harvesting technology and highlights that the technology has moved from research to a commercial product sector. We are seeing completely new classes of connected devices emerge with energy harvesting at their core”.

The Track100 family of devices fully integrates 8power’s patented vibration energy harvesting, power management, energy storage, GPS/GNSS positioning and a choice of wide area cellular communications, in a sleek and robust IP67 casing. For ease of operations a secure cloud hosted data platform is available to provide dashboards, analytics, device management, security and application API access to manage fleets of devices.

Designed to report location and sensor data multiple times per day over cellular and LPWA networks, the Track100 is designed to operate for years in the field with no need to charge or replace batteries, free from the requirement to provide a wired power supply. The devices make it easy to get data from unpowered assets and is ideal for transportation, construction and rail based applications.

Evaluation of Track100 devices is now underway with selected lead customers in multiple territories. Please contact the company to arrange a demonstration or order an evaluation kit.



15.07.2017: Cambridge Cleantech’s Annual Conference makes waves in the Twittersphere


The Cambridge Cleantech conference hashtag #futures2017 was trending No2 on Twitter globally on the morning of the conference on July 6th. Over 150 delegates attended the 4th Annual Cambridge Cleantech conference to hear about the 4th Industrial Revolution and the next generation of smart technology.

Speakers included Professor Andy Neely the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Enterprise and Business Relations at the University of Cambridge, Bijal Hayes-Thakore, Director of IoT Marketing Programs at ARM and Eliot Whittington, Programme Director, Policy at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership.

Alongside the main conference the SCALE-UP project also ran a Meet the Buyer event with Johnson Matthey, a global leader in sustainable technologies, and Xylem, a global leader in water technology. The two companies met 16 cleantech innovators from the UK and Europe with a view to developing joint collaborations and commercial opportunities.


23.06.2017: Over 300 attendees and 60 SMEs attend Engie’s showpiece UK innovation event


Engie’s global innovation week had its UK climax at the Business Design Centre in London on 16th June 2017. The event, which included a SCALE-UP Meet the Buyer programme with over 35 SMEs from the UK and Europe, was attended by senior staff from across Engie and it’s supply chain.

The event, part of a global week of innovation for Engie, was a combined technology exhibition, pitch fair and Meet the Buyer event. Companies from the UK, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark attended the event to pitch their cleantech products and services with the aim of securing collaborations with Engie.

Cambridge Cleantech member Qarnot won the £10,000 pitch prize for innovation with their combined heater / server technology. The technology is distributed computing solution which utilises the waste heat from cooling cloud servers to heat homes and offices.


08.06.2017: Innovators meet Aarhus Vand to build innovative waste water treatment plant


On May 30th the SCALE-UP project held a Meet the Buyer event at Aarhus Vand. Aarhus Vand is looking for innovative solutions to address 15 identified innovation challenges, related to the development of the world's most resource efficient waste water treatment plant, to be built in 2026. 

Many companies from the SCALE-UP countries showed interest in Aarhus Vand's project and a couple of these were selected to give a presentation of their solutions at the meeting. In the picture representatives, Jean Drejø Hansen and Rudy Lamond, from Air Liquide have finished their dialogue with Aarhus Vand. It will be interesting to follow how the dialogue proceeds and see if a collaboration will be established in the development of the innovative waste water treatment plant. 


18.05.2017: A successful Meet the Buyer Event in Gothenburg on 10 May


3 corporate buyers, 14 SMEs/start-ups and a total of 24 meetings. On the 10th of May SCALE-UP partners Cleantech Inn Sweden and RISE organized a Meet the Buyer event at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre in the center of Gothenburg. 

Continuous innovation in the cleantech sector can lead to a rapid improvement of green products. Many of the innovations are developed by SMEs or startups without a strong international presence or experience in dealing with large corporate buyers. During the event in Sweden the selected companies got individual one-to-one meetings with key decision makers from ABB, E.ON and Fortum to pitch their solutions and discuss business partnerships. 

Soletaer, a swedish cleantech company, was one of the 14 SMEs attending the event. Niklas Nyström represented the company on site and he was very satisfied with the meetings and called it a great opportunity for them as a small company. ”I think that my meetings went well, as expected, and we’re already planning to have new meetings. I’m very satisfied”, says Niklas Nystöm.

Julie Pellerin from Metron described the event as a great opportunity for start-ups and especially for them as a French start-up in Sweden. 

After the event Richard Englund from Cleantech Inn Sweden described it as a fantastic day and that they were happy with their matchmaking and all the preparations.

Watch the video of the Meet the Buyer event here > 


15.05.2017: £150m up for grabs for 30 SMEs pitching to the British Antarctic Survey


On the 8th May the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) invited SMEs from across Europe to pitch their products and services to be included as part of the BAS £150 million refurbishment of its Antarctic facilities.

BAS got involved with the SCALE-UP project as they were keen to attract cutting edge technologies from across Europe to ensure its upcoming refurbishment of its Artic bases was using the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient technologies.

Beatrice Scharb-Ridley, Head of Innovation from BAS, introduced the event and explained the challenges of working in extreme environments. SMEs from across the UK as well as companies from Belgium and the Netherlands attended the event.


14.04.2017: 5 corporate buyers met 15 scale-ups in Rotterdam to explore new deals


5 corporate buyers and 15 scale-ups met on April 6 in Rotterdam during a Meet the Buyer event. Together they explored new deals in sensor technologies & data processing in cleantech and replacements for hydraulic oil. The corporate participants where VAF Instruments, Krohne, ThyssenKrupp, Eneco and Hollandia. The 15 green scale-ups came from Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Sweden. These SME entrepreneurs were hand-selected from over 250 eligible innovators. Quality in matches were put over quantity, the startups have concrete products and technologies that match actual corporate buying needs.


07.04.2017: Our partner CLEAN met Belgian plastic sorting and recycling specialists


With Copenhagen as a pulling party, in order to become the first carbon neutral metropolis of the world (already by 2025), our SCALE-UP partner CLEAN aims to develop a state-of-the-art plastic sorting and reprocessing plant. Almost half of the Danish municipalities are interested in delivering all their collected household plastic waste to this facility. They are calling for innovative companies from the entire value chain to participate in consortia. The tender project leaders came to Mechelen on 29th March to meet Belgian plastic sorting and recycling specialists. There is a lot of experience present in intelligent sorting machinery (Ad Rem) and useful compounding capabilities (Galloo Plastics). Also in the Netherlands a wide experience about collecting and sorting household plastics is present (Van Scherpenzeel). They also visited a large industrial sorting plant for PMD in Houthalen-Helchteren (Renewi) and got a good view on the Belgian collection system of household packaging (Fost Plus). 



07.04.2017: Innovators pitch their solution for better biodegradability to buyer Beaulieu


In order to achieve better biodegradability of its products, the Beaulieu International Group, a large chemical and manufacturing company active in 16 countries, was looking for suppliers of polymers that are biodegradable in natural conditions (soil, water, ...). As a result of their dense network, the cleantech partners managed to get some interesting innovative suppliers for the innovation need of Beaulieu International Group. On 29th March startups from different countries were present:

- Low carbon replacers of formaldehyde in wood panels from the UK (Cambond)  
- Bio resins with a performance comparable to epoxy resin from Denmark (Pönd) 
- Smart fibre & fabric developments with a botanical based molecular tagging from Finland (Spinnova)
- A biobased packaging film made of potato waste starch from the Netherlands (Rodenburg Biopolymers)



04.04.2017: Innovative Danish company Pond met Belgium buyer Beaulieu in Mechelen


At the SCALE-UP Meet the Buyer event in Mechelen (Belgium) on March 29th CLEAN was proud to present the innovative Danish company Pond to meet the corporate buyer Beaulieu.

Pond is a start-up company that has specialized in creating alternative materials to plastics. Pond produces bio resin systems which are at least 95% biobased and fully degradable in nature. The materials are suitable to bind all natural fibres such as flax, hemp, pineapple, palm leaves, cotton, banana and jute and can also be applied to conventional fibres such as glass and carbon. Pond’s bio resin systems are mainly based on starch and designed to replace traditional crude oil based resins and plastics. The bio resins have comparable performance and processing conditions as epoxy resin. Pond is therefore able to produce a wide range of sustainable products with their innovative technology.

Pond’s innovative products have received world-wide recognition and are meeting interest from many different sectors. In fact, Pond has recently won two prestigious prizes- the LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge and the Start-Up Booster Award. It will be very interesting to follow Pond in the years to come.



28.03.2017: Corporate buyers meet green startups in Rotterdam


How do SME innovations find their way to large enterprises?
They meet at events like the Rotterdam Meet the Buyer event, on Thursday 6 AprilClean Tech DeltaFME Rijnschelde and the City of Rotterdam have matched corporate businesses and startups after careful selection.

Quality over quantity
The five corporates will meet fifteen green startups from Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. These fifteen SME entrepreneurs were hand-selected from over 250 eligible innovators. Quality in matches were put over quantity: the startups have concrete products and technology that match actual corporate buying needs.

The SMEs receive training in doing business with corporate buyers, prior to their initial talks with the corporates. During these one-on-one talks, companies will explore new opportunities for collaboration.

The day’s finale is the inspirational session Clean Tech DataRegistration for this program (in Dutch) is free and still open

Green startup promotion
The parties behind the event are looking to help improve corporates’ production processes while enabling growth for green startups. This principle is called scale-up and helps innovative, cleaner technologies find their way to large-scale applications faster.

The Meet the Buyer event is part of the INTERREG North Sea Region project SCALE-UP and organised by the City of Rotterdam in close collaboration with Clean Tech Delta and FME Rijnschelde.

The startup training is provided by Frederic Marcillaud (SCIENCECUP and Marcillaud), afternoon session is organized in cooperation with SET VenturesLux Research and the Erasmus Centre for Data science and Business Analytics.



17.03.2017: Innovative tender on plastic sorting and reprocessing solution


Monday the 13th of March CLEAN and the City of Copenhagen were hosting an Information Meeting on their innovative tender: innovative plastic sorting and reprocessing solutions. The purpose of the tender is to create a better solution for recycling and reprocessing of plastics from the Danish households. During the Information Meeting, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions and meet up with potential new business partners.

In continuation of this meeting CLEAN, Innovation Network for Environmental Technologies and SCALE-UP facilitated a Meet the Buyer event. In order to create an innovative solution from the tender, CLEAN wants companies with different competencies from different parts of the value chain to create consortia. The Meet the Buyer event was established to give the companies the best conditions for creating these consortia. During the day, CLEAN had invited inspirational speakers from The Danish Technological Institute, Swestep, The Capital Region of Denmark and IRSee ApS. They all have different views related to the plastic field. The 25 participants were eager to discuss innovative solutions and new collaborations, and saw the event as an opportunity to understand the purpose of the tender.

“At the Meet the Buyer event we did not only get the chance to get a full understanding of the tender, but we also got an overview of the opportunities that the tender could solve regarding problems with the plastic pollution. As a supplier of machines for waste sorting (Viggo Bendz) I am very pleased about the tender, as it is necessary for the environment”, says Trine Kolhorn, Head of Marketing at Viggo Bendz. Viggo Bendz is a supplier of market leading equipment and machines that handle all processes from shredding waste to separation of other types of waste. In an efficiently, operational and economically way.



13.03.2017: Allia nominated for the Water Industry Achievement Awards


Our partner Allia has been shortlisted for the Water Industry Achievement Awards, along with Opportunity Peterborough for “Partnership Initiative of the Year”.

More information >



28.11.2016: 82 participants meet 10 experts at Anglian Water


Water Connect 2016 was a Meet the Buyer event organised as part of the Interreg-funded SCALE-UP project. The event gave attendees the opportunity to meet 10 experts at Anglian Water, one of the largest water utility companies in the UK, to find out what their needs are and to allow cleantech SMEs the opportunity to discuss their innovative solutions and meet like-minded businesses to form collaborations.

The event was attended by 82 participants who created 96 bilateral meetings with Anglian Water and other participants. Of those meetings, 40 SMEs met one-to-one for 20 minute meetings with Anglian Water offering a great opportunity for small businesses to pitch their ideas and solutions to a corporate who has defined a list of challenges and opportunities to which they are seeking ideas.

Waterzerv, a cleantech SME from Denmark, attended the event and commented that he was happy with the organisation of the event and of the possibility he was offered through the SCALE-UP program. Waterzerv was able to book meetings with some of the decision makers in Anglian Water and was invited to apply for the Anglian Water Shop Window which could ensure a natural development of his relationship with Anglian Water and the project.

We hope to run another Water Connect event towards the end of 2017 for additional cleantech SMEs who wish to sell their solutions to Anglian Water.



07.10.2016: Siemens continues talking to cleantech companies after Meet the Buyer

On the 4th of October 2016 Cleantech Inn and SP Technical Research Institute organized a Meet the Buyer event in Gothenburg, Sweden. The two Buyers Skanska and Siemens met up with 18 cleantech companies with different specializations. They discussed collaboration possibilities, with focus on a joint contribution to a more sustainable society. Among the 18 companies were eight companies of Västra Götaland, five companies from the rest of Sweden and five companies from other countries in the North Sea Region. 
The participating companies encouraged other companies to participate in the coming efforts that are now being planned. In a follow-up talk with Siemens three months later, Siemens revealed that they are still talking with 7 of the cleantech companies they have met at the Meet the Buyer event in October. For them, the meetings between large and small companies  were successful which will lead to better solutions for the climate.

11.07.2016: SCALE-UP kick-off


In early July the kick off of the SCALE-UP project took place in the Venture Café of the Cambridge Innovation Center in Rotterdam. More than 50 people (mostly working at startups) were present to learn about the project. The SCALE-UP project helps startups in the Cleantech sector to grow and helps large businesses to purchase products and services in a greener and more sustainable way. 

The kick off began with a presentation about the project, followed by a panel discussion about the buyer / supplier relationship between companies and startups. Next, three ambassadors of the VET-community; Raimon Carter of Sweco Corporation, Fred the Nederend of Greenclouds and Jeroen van Heiningen from Goodfuels talked about their experiences and gave recommendations to achieve greater success.

Read the press article of Rotterdam here >



17.06.2016: 14 innovators met Anglian Water Group and Johnson Matthey


Cambridge Cleantech hosted a Meet the Buyer event in parallel to its 2016 Annual Conference. Anglian Water Group and Johnson Matthey met 14 innovators from around the region as well as representatives from the SCALE-UP cluster partnership to share their objectives and process for working with innovative SMEs from across the North Sea Region. The meet the buyer slots were all taken up and the feedback from buyers and suppliers was very positive.

To date there has been a follow-up between Anglian Water and Origami Energy where there is ongoing dialogue and a pilot implementation by Anglian Water’s Technology is being planned.

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