Waddenacade has 5 fields of specific knowledge, scientific competences: Regional Economics, Ecology, Climate and Water, Geology and Cultural History. They will contribute with their specific competences on Climate and Water while support can also be provided in the fields mentioned above. Focus on the Unesco World Heritage Waddensea and its coastal fringe. Scientific research, advise and science coordination, communication and dissemination activities to strengthen the ecological and economic quality of the Waddens.

Role in SalFar

Waddenacademie will contribute to all work packages, and, as member of the scientific committee, providing scientific advise and guidance in site selection and test design for all test sites, in particular with regard to coastal zone and water management aspects. They will also contribute to the dissemination of results, awareness raising and capacity building, in particular for regional authorities and farmers by organizing regional and transnational workshops and two international conferences. WP 4, WP 6.

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The Netherlands