University of Gothenburg

University of Gothenburg, Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences, UGOT/BioEnv has a long experience of working with wheat as model plant in combination with saltine soils, several international peer-reviewed scientific articles. They use high precision molecular biology/biochemistry tools for performing necessary plant molecular/cell biology, and use a modern phytotron system for growth and fulfill breeding. Two PhD students will contribute to the project, one on the laboratory phase and one on the outreach/educational phase.

Role in SalFar

UGOT will be the leader of WP 4 "Living Labs for Saline Farming: new products, services and processes". Together with the scientific committee it will advice on how to set-up open air field labs, design a coherent plan for the piloting in all the regions and make sure analysis and evaluation of field tests will be done according to plan. UGOT will also initiate outreach activities and other educational programs, like capacity building for regional policy makers, seminars, workshops, WP 6.

University of Gothenburg
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