Taste of Denmark

Taste of Denmark (ToD) is a non-profit association of food networks in Denmark. Its members are food  producers, SMEs, tourism oriented companies, and consumers. It stimulates cooperation to cope with the common challenges of food SMEs and guides SMEs with innovative ideas to the threshold of success. ToD wants to improve the political and economic conditions of growth of innovative SMEs. ToD has activities of R&D as well as training in various aspects of food production and rural development.

Role in SalFar (Inactive)

ToD wil be the leader of WP 5 "Eco-innovative food production and marketing". With their R&D expertise on innovative food production and marketing, they will explore new opportunities of alliances between innovative food producers and consumers to stimulate speed of innovation and reduction of time for market penetration. They will contribute to a change of consumer's behavior by awareness raising activities and initiate workshops for farmers, food producers and retailers, gastronomy, politician WP 6

Taste of Denmark
Nupark 51
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