SPNA AgroResearch

Running two research institutes in the Northern part of the Netherlands, SPNA has expertise in research and testing of crops and plants. Its competences are in planning large pilots on specific crops and establishing open field test sites. They are experts in organic agriculture, but flexible enough to deal with conventional farming, too. SPNA has a large network of stakeholders, develop training modules for farmers and advise big organizations like Potatoe Valley or 'Pootgoedacademie'.

Role in SalFar

SPNA will create its own open field lab to run a number of pilots with specific crops, selected by the scientific committee, WP 4. It will contribute with its knowledge and expertise on the cultivation of potatoes and assist other regions in setting up test sites. It will develop training modules on saline farming and offer workshops for farmers and regional policy makers in a transnational setting. Organizer of farmers cafés and excursions for farmers in cooperation with VLM and ILVO in WP 6.

SPNA AgroResearch
Hooge Zuidwal 1
9853 TJ Munnekezijl
The Netherlands