Salt Farm Foundation

Salt Farm Foundation already has some expertise in conducting experiments with the salt tolerance of various crops. Because of its ideal location on the island Texel, it will help set up an open air test field for the whole transnational partnership. With good practice examples, Salt Farm Foundation can stimulate knowledge exchange and assist in setting up open air field labs in the other participating countries. SFF will play a role in education and training for the partnership.

Role in SalFar

Salt Farm Foundation will contribute to several WPs and will a.o. help transnational partners set up their first field trials. Its research results so far in cooperation with the VU Amsterdam will form the base for the knowledge exchange platform in WP 2 and it will use its good practice to develop training modules and run workshops and courses on saline farming for farmers and food producers in WP 6 "Awareness raising, capacity building and governance".

Salt Farm Foundation
Hoornderweg 42
1797 RA Den Hoorn Texel
The Netherlands