SAGRO is one of the largest consultancy company for farmers in Denmark. They are managed by the users and organised by agricultural organisations. Their vision is to create a strong and proud agriculture and their mission is to provide: Advice, service, value, and growth to their customers.
In SAGRO over 450 dedicated and highly skilled employees serve approx. 15.000 farmers and food producers. SAGRO services customers in the western part of Denmark including the North Sea Coast. 

Role in SalFar

The aim of SAGRO in the SalFar project is to create sustainable growth for farmers and the food industry, providing evidence-based knowledge dissemination.
In WP5 SAGRO will conduct a sustainability analysis and explore new business plan opportunities in alliances between farmers, food producers and consumers to stimulate innovation and reduction of time for market penetration.
SAGRO will contribute to a change of consumer's behaviour through awareness raising activities. In addition, SAGRO will organise farmer cafes, events and workshops for relevant stakeholders in WP6.

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