Province of Groningen

As a regional municipality, the Province of Groningen is responsible for spatial planning, agriculture, economy, nature and environment, coastal protection and safety. Because of rising sea level, their focus is on adaptation of policies for agriculture and environment. Their coastal planning in the Eems-Dollard estuary stimulates saline farming and aqua-culture to (re)use degraded farmland and to maintain the economic value of land threatened by salinization.

Role in SalFar

The Province of Groningen is the lead beneficiary, and makes sure that the project is implemented in time and according to budget. They work closely together with WP 2 "communications" and offer a large area for open field tests to other partners in WP 4 "Living Labs". With their network of municipalities on local, regional, national and European level, they will stimulate awareness raising, capacity building and policy change on agriculture and environment, WP 6.

Province of Groningen
Sint Jansstraat 4
9700 AP Groningen
The Netherlands