Foundation Ökowerk Emden

Ökowerk Emden's thematic competences and experiences relevant for the project are:
1) Nature conservation: in collaboration with local farmers, Ökowerk is practicing sustainable agriculture on an area of more than 120 ha land, mostly grazing area. Protection of specific endangered bird species by adequate land-use systems. 2) Biodiversity: orchard with more than 1.000 fruit species. 3) Wadden Sea: they offer a wide range of education programmes to create awareness for the endangered inhabitants and plant species of the Wadden Sea and to promote the unique values of this UNESCO world heritage

Role in SalFar

WP 4: Offering their own test site - they will take part in the pilots. In addition to plants and crops they will also do tests on pasture as this is seen as a big problem for coastal regions with grassland. WP 5: eco-innovative food production and marketing: in coop. with the transnational partners they will create
products which can be marketed North Sea Region wide and support local gastronomy as well as the tourist sector. WP 6: awareness raising and education of citizens, change of consumer behaviour.


Foundation Ökowerk Emden
Kaierweg 40 a
D-26725 Emden