Foundation ‘De Zilte Smaak’

Foundation ‘De Zilte Smaak’ (The Saline Taste) is experienced in growing vegetables, in educational and hospitality roles, in cooking and catering and has extensive marketing and branding knowledge and expertise. On the island, situated right in the UNESCO world heritage site, they have a strong network of relevant partners that can help popularize the use of saline crops and thus stimulate innovative economic growth in the region.

Role in SalFar

"Saline Taste" will establish its own testfield for crops and vegetables and take part in the piloting of WP 4. They will play an important role in the further processing of the products derived from saline farming, NSR branding,WP 5, and awareness raising and capacity building activities, WP 6. Being located on an island right in the UNESCO World Heritage region, they feel determined to spread the word about this unique and vulnerable area of nature, threatened by climate change + sea level rise.

Foundation ‘De Zilte Smaak’
Dorpsstraat 25
8896 JA Hoorn, Terschelling
The Netherlands