Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

Food & Bio Cluster Denmark is a non-profit nationwide cluster organisation for food and bio resources in Denmark. It is the unifying platform for innovation and growth in the cluster for Danish and international companies and knowledge institutions. FBCD promotes increased collaboration between knowledge and business, and offers members one entrance to e.g. networks, funding, business development and projects. 

Role in SalFar

Food & Bio Cluster Denmark is the leader of WP2 "Communication activities" and WP5 "Eco-innovative food production and marketing". As WP2 leader FBCD will support all the partners in their communication strategies and participate in all WPs to spread news and information widely. FBDC will be the main contact point for all communication issues in the project: website, social media, communication platform, use of logos, brochures and other publications. As WP5 leader, FBCD will be responsible for developing a toolkit for quality measurements for food production, making a catalogue of criteria for eco-innovative authentic production and design a brand for saline products from the North Sea Region. Furthermore, FBCD will have a coordinating role in relation to the other Danish partners working on WP5.

Food & Bio Cluster Denmark
Agro Food Park 13
8200 Aarhus N