Flemish Land Agency

VLM focusses on an area-based approach for improving the quality of the environment in rural regions and periurban open spaces. VLM invests in improvement of environmental quality in Flanders using a range of instruments: land and nature development, land reallocation, agro-environmental measures, manure bank and land banking.VLM is the Managing Authority for different articles in the Flemish Rural Development Programme (= agroenvironmental measures).

Role in SalFar

VLM will lead WP 6 "Awareness raising, capacity building and governance". With broad expertise in Interreg projects, it will develop a number of awareness-rising activities, in co-operation with ILVO. As a provider for infrastructure and public services, VLM has a huge network of contacts with local, regional and national authorities and EU organizations, is well-determined to support capacity building of various stakeholders and prepare conferences + workshops on governance. Cont. to WP 1,2,3,5.

Flemish Land Agency, VLM
Velodroomstraat 28
8200 Brugge