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Welcome to SalFar's Online Resource Centre where we share best practices, reports and other materials which are developed in the project. The purpose of this page is to share our knowledge so that stakeholders and other people interested in the project can benefit from our experiences.



See how SalFar partner Stichting De Zilte Smaak, has managed to grow potatoes under saline conditions and what lessons they have learned in the process


Learn more about the SalFar toolkit for quality documentation and why you should use it 



Learn about salt tolerant plants and how you can use them to create a delicious meal. 


How you can establish low-cost cultivation of salt-tolerant plants? Watch the video below to learn the different methods



Learn more about how SalFar works to promote climate-resilient agriculture and reduce the use of fresh water through saline farming.


Get an explanation about the 4 major salinization processes that affect coastal regions


How to take soil samples


How to measure soil salinity using the saturated paste method


How to measure soil salinity using the 1:2 method

How to take a soil sample and measure soil salinity

How do salt tolerant plants taste and do they contain more salt than conventional plants?




SalFar Toolkit for Quality Documentation




Baseline study chapter 1: Introduction and literature review




Baseline study chapter 2: Economic impacts of salinity induced soil degradation



Baseline study chapter 4: Mapping salinization intensity and risks in the North Sea Region



The International Farmers’ Café on Saline Agriculture (March 2020)




Book of Abstracts from the Saline Futures Conference (September 2019)


In 12 parallel sessions around 60 abstracts were presented during the Saline Futures Conference from 10-13 September 2019. You can find the summaries of these abstracts in the book of abstracts.


Framework on salinization processes (May 2019)



Keynote speeches from the Saline Futures Conference

10 September 2019

11 September 2019