The SalFar Project will be Presented at the European Day 2019 in Berlin

08 November 2018 - Published by Dorte Storper
Ökowerk Emden has been invited by Minster for Federal and European Affairs and Regional Development of Lower Saxony, Mrs. Birgit Honé, to present SalFar and the outcome of the project at the European Day 2019 in Berlin.

This grand invitation was given by Mrs. Birgit Honé on August 31 in connection with a visit to Ökowerk Emden. The visit was a part her summer trip, where she visited places that are closely linked to Europe. The purpose of her visit to Ökowerk Emden was especially to hear about the SalFar project. Here she could see the salt-tolerant coastal plants like saltwort, which among other things are grown at Ökowerk Emden. On the occasion of Mrs. Birgit Honé’s visit, Agilio (a partner of Ökowerk Emden) had prepared a wonderful lunch with halophytes, so that she also got the chance to taste them.

In conclusion the meeting can be characterized as successful for SalFar as it generated some political attention, media coverage in the local newspaper “Emder Zeitung” and an invitation to the European Day 2019 in Berlin, where SalFar and other regional EU projects will be presented.

Photo credit: MB/ Ole Spata