Salt tolerant potatoes available in Dutch supermarkets

15 January 2020 - Published by Dorte Storper
Via the SalFar partner, Salt Farm Foundation, salt tolerant potatoes are now available in the Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo.

The launch of the salt tolerant potatoes is an initiative intended to raise awareness about saline farming and the salinization problem we face worldwide”, says Marc Van Rijsselberghe, the founder of Salt Farm Foundation.

In the fall of 2019, the potatoes were made available in all major Jumbo supermarkets in the Netherlands. And the initiative seems to be paying off. Marc reports that since the sales of the potatoes, they have received a lot of inquiries from people seeking information about saline farming.

The topic seems to be particularly interesting to high school students, who have contacted Salt Farm Foundation for information for their final projects. In connection with this, a couple of students have even been given a tour on the premises and a presentation about saline farming. The students were also introduced to the SalFar website where valuable knowledge collected in the project and the Saline Futures Conference has been gathered.

The earnings from the sale of the salt tolerant potatoes will be used by Salt Farm Foundation for further development of knowledge and sharing of knowledge.