SalFar partner meeting in Bruges, Flanders

20 December 2021 - Published by Laila Dam
On 10-13 October 2021 the SalFar partners gathered in lovely Bruges for the first physical partner meeting in almost two years.

During the meeting the partners presented the overall status and results of each work package of the project including communication activities, field trials, Business strategies for eco-innovative food production, Awareness Raising, capacity building and governance as well as project management.

In addition to the presentations, the Flemish partners who hosted the meeting organized an inspiring excursion to 4 different places:

  • 2 farms, a stock breeder (, and a producer of arable crops (, both on saline soil
  • the Hedwigpolder – a depoldering project
  • "Het verdronken land" - The drawned land, where cattle graze on saline meadows. The meat is sold as unique food "pré-salé".

In the video below some of the key take-homes from the excursions have been gathered concerning the future of farming in a challenging environment. Take a look!

Thank you to Jacqueline Wijbenga from SPNA for putting together this the video.