SalFar in Royal Company

25 February 2019 - Published by Dorte Storper
On 30 January 2019 the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria visited the University of Gothenburg, which is one of the project partners of SalFar.

In SalFar the project partners seize every opportunity they get to inform the public and other stakeholders about the project. This is exactly what Henrik Aronsson, Head of Department and Professor of Plant Molecular Biology at University of Gothenburg, did on 30 January when the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria visited the University of Gothenburg.

Crown Princess Victoria, who is very interested in environmental issues, visited the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences to get more information on microplastics in lakes and rivers, but she also had an open ear for our climate adaptation project SalFar. During the visit she had an hour-long discussion about environmental problems and possible solutions with researchers from the University of Gothenburg. It was during this discussion Henrik informed her about soil salinization and the global consequences thereof. Henrik also handed over the information leaflet about SalFar to Crown Princess Victoria describing our innovative methods of costal agriculture across the North Sea Region by setting up field labs in each partnering country.

Read more about the visit here  and see the leaflet Henrik gave to Vicoria here




Photo credits: Johan Winborg