Raising Awareness of SalFar

19 September 2018 - Published by Dorte Storper
Yet again Ökowerk Emden has succeded in raising awareness about the importance of the work of SalFar in Germany

In the latest edition of Ostfriesland Reloaded in Germany you can find an article about SalFar, the research that is being done in the project and how the German project partner Ökowerk Emden is contributing to the project.

Ostfriesland Reloaded is an online magazine with a line of articles related to issues of the North Sea Region. Below you can find an abstract of the German article.

“SalFar is the acronym of 'Saline Farming', an Interreg North Sea Region project brought into being by the Waddenacademie and the province of Groningen, Netherlands. The Foundation Ökowerk Emden represents Germany in this ambitious program. Partners from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain are cooperating in the research of innovative possibilities and solutions for agricultural areas affected by increasing salinity.

Activities of the Ökowerk Emden are focusing on experimenting with new methods of land and water use under severe condition. As an example, Ökowerk is experimenting with floating cultivation areas, focusing not only on food production on salt affected water but respecting ecological aspects as well.

Due to the raise of sea level by global warming and salinization of agricultural areas, all over the world research is done on finding plants which resist salinization. Ökowerk has tested a wide range of salt tolerant plants, either in greenhouses, plant pots or in the field. Economical meaningful cultivation of adapted plants as well as their processing to high quality food products plays an important role in the frame of the project. “

Read the full article here (in German)