New Knowledge Centre for Saline Agriculture

04 September 2018 - Published by Dorte Storper
Saline Agriculture Worldwide is the name of the new knowledge centre, which has been launched by one of the SalFar project partners, Salt Farm Foundation with support of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

As the name suggests, the purpose of the new knowledge centre is to share knowledge with farmers around the world, especially those who are struggling with issues such as salt-accumulation and drought on their farmlands.

Through an online platform, farmers and stakeholders worldwide are able to get knowledge and be made aware of different possibilities of cultivating crops in salt-affected farmland.

“This is an excellent step forward for our project and for the transnational co-operation on saline agriculture in general” says Angelica Kaus, Project Manager of SalFar.

At the launch of the new knowledge centre Salt Farm Foundation also took the opportunity to inform the participants about the SalFar project, which was meet with great interest.