Intern will research opportunities and constraints in the value chain for saline agricultural products

08 September 2020 - Published by Dorte Storper
The next few months, a student from Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) will be doing an internship at Stichting De Zilte in Terschelling, where she will be conducting research for SalFar

Although, Renee ten Dam just started her internship this week, she is quite familiar with SalFar’s work and working on the testfiled.

“After having spent the summer on the island of Terschelling, where I already started with volunteering work at the test field, I came back for two more months as an intern at De Zilte Smaak”, Renee ten Dam says.

During the internship, Renee will be active both on the field as well as in engaging with (potential) partnering restaurants, as she will be researching the potential for saline agricultural products.

“I will be conducting my thesis research for the SalFar project, on the opportunities and constraints in the current and potential value chain for saline agricultural products on Terschelling,” Renee elaborates. “Studying International Land and Water Management, and with a love for the sea and coast, saline agriculture is a topic that suits my interests very well,” Renee adds.

The SalFar team is excited about the cooperation and looks forward to seeing the results from her research.