Inspiration Guide on Saline Farming

21 April 2022 - Published by Laila Dam
This guide provides ideas, tools and practical information for farmers, food producers, and food processors. It is for those who want to start using saline crops and for anyone who wants to know more about saline farming.

This Inspiration Guide on Saline Farming presents knowledge gained by the SalFar project over five years by a multi-disciplinary team from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and The United Kingdom - the seven countries that make up the North Sea Region (NSR). It pulls together knowledge on saline farming from the farming community, farmers, farming advisors and other interested parties and summarises the lessons learned in the Salfar project. 

The information has come in a variety of ways: practically, by farmers and other producers growing crops in saline conditions; by scientists and technicians analysing the results of scientific experiments and by laboratory research. The potential for saline products has been explored by restaurateurs, chefs, cooks and food enthusiasts who have been experimenting - using the products - often in new and interesting ways. Knowledge partners outside the network have also been reached out to. It is hoped that this material will inspire, encourage and guide readers into exploring the possibilities inherent in saline farming, help them to apply it to their specific conditions and offer them some ideas for developing new market opportunities.

Additional language versions (NL, DK, NO, SE, DE) of the guide are available in our Online Resource Centre


Download the the Inspiration Guide on Saline Farming here