Inspiration Catalogue of salt-tolerant plants

04 April 2022 - Published by Laila Dam
There are many stakeholders in the food industry who can benefit from SalFar's results, from food producers, wholesalers, retailers, to chefs, restaurants, or anyone with an interest in food. That is why we have created a catalogue of ideas for food and business innovation in a time where climate change threatens food production.

The catalogue goes more into detail about the climate-related reasons for the project, by giving examples and explaining why it is important to take action. The purpose is to make resources available, stimulate discussions and inspire the reader to engage. Overall, the catalogue describes how the unique sales proposals for salt-tolerant plants can be identified, as well as various aspects of the business strategy regarding salt-tolerant products. In addition, a major topic covered is the market potential, the risks and benefits of being a “first mover”, as well as food trends emerging on the food scene.

In addition, marketing, branding elements and customer segments are discussed. Potential health benefits of consuming salt-tolerant plants are also presented based on scientific articles. Finally, the catalogue describes recipes with salt-tolerant plants as well as how these grow and what nutrition they need.

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