Reaching out to Farmers through Farmers Cafes

24 October 2018 - Published by Dorte Storper
When communicating about SalFar, one of the main target groups that SalFar intends to reach are the farmers and especially farmers with degraded farmland and saline soil as they are the ones who can directly benefit from the project.

One of the tools used to inform the farmers about the new innovative methods of farming developed in this project are Farmers Cafes, where regional farmers are invited to discuss the topic of saline farming.

On 17 October 2018 the project partners Province of Groningen and SPNA Agro Research organised a Farmers Cafe together with two other local partners named the Potato Valley and the Potato Academy. The Farmers Cafe took place in a cosy setting where experts had been invited to talk about different topics related to saline farming at different tables which gave the farmers a chance to discuss saline farming with both experts and practitioners.

The evening included a presentation by Pier Vellinga from Waddenacademie, a SalFar project partner, who gave an introduction on saline farming and in particular SalFar.

The purpose of the Farmers Cafes is to exchange information about saline farming, demonstrate good practice examples as well as explaining what the advantages for the environment and resource efficiency are.